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Seven Reasons I’m Singing the Back-to-School Blues

As happy as I am that school is back in session, it does bring its share of hassles that drive me crazy.

Double Diapering

Here are some things I love about being a bipolar diaperer of sorts.

Birth Spacing—What’s Best?

Many parents labor over what they deem the “Goldilocks Plan”: Not too close together. Not too far apart. Just right.

Exercising During Pregnancy

Research shows that a simple walk around the block or session of yoga can improve mood, sleep and even recovery time.

What’s Up, Doc?

Babies are confounding little creatures when they’re perfectly healthy, so the arrival of an illness can send a parent’s worry-machine into overdrive. Is that fever too high? Could it just be gas? Is that color of vomit normal? Should the baby be taken to the doctor? Fear not, parents. We’re here to break down how to handle the yuckies like a pro—and give you some peace of mind.

When paperwork is like a pregnancy

The adoption process is a journey, but the reward is great.

Common Postpartum Pains

Most pregnant moms expect to be a little sore after delivery, but you might be surprised to know you may experience weeks—or even months—of these discomforts. Hang in there—remember, these possible pains will pass, and you are beginning a lifetime of joy with your new addition!

In Transition: A Guide to Big Baby Changes

To be a parent to a baby or toddler is to be a pro at change. Rolling over, first words and laughing are the easy ones. The rest…not so much. Here’s how to handle the bigger transitions headed your way in the coming years.

Eight Things Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Consider When Choosing an OB/GYN

She’s having a baby! No, I’m not talking about the 1980s movie with Kevin Bacon. I’m talking about you! And the time has come to choose an OB/GYN. You know, the man or woman who will be elbow deep in your lady bits catching the human you’ve created. It’s kind of a big deal. So how do you choose the right person?

Summer Fun:

A photography safari, or photo scavenger hunt, is a creative, interactive way to usher your kids away from screens and out into nature this summer.

Why You Need a Mother’s Helper

A mother’s helper can take kids to the park to swing and play ball, color with your girls, play Legos and—perhaps best of all—change diapers! Read on to find out all you need to know about the wonderful world of mother’s helpers.

Five Time-Savers for Busy Teens

For many teens, summer is just as busy as the school year. Jobs, athletic activities and social events can keep that so-called “break” jam-packed with action.

Kids Collections:

A great thing about collecting is that it naturally provides some fun teaching opportunities, without your kids’ realizing they’re learning.

Inexpensive things that will keep your kids entertained

These are some of my favorite things to do in my free time. You don't always have to buy entertainment. These things are fun and entertaining and don't require much money at all! Something that might even encourage the kids more to try these activities is setting up a day or two each week for the fun. The kids will anticipate the day’s coming, and you will have some free time on your hands!

10 Life Lessons Kids Learn in Youth Sports

So kids, here’s what we hope participating in sports will teach you.

Lemonade Stand Learning

When your kids ask you if they can have a lemonade stand today, do you give a tired sigh in anticipation of all the work required? Me, too. So when my kids suggested doing a lemonade stand in our yard recently, I first blamed public television for putting the idea in their heads. But I soon reluctantly agreed, and we were on our way to several whole days of fun and—don’t tell my kids this part—learning.

Tween ‘Tudes: What Are They Really Saying?

So how do you read between the very angst-filled lines and decipher what your tween means when she’s saying something completely different out loud? We’re here to help.

10 Skills to Know Before Age 10

A 10-year-old should know how to treat other people respectfully, approach adults in public, have proper phone etiquette, know how to shake hands and express gratitude when someone gives him a gift or does something for him.

Teen Parent, Private Eye

Teens by nature crave independence and privacy. As parents, how far should we go to respect their privacy while still ensuring they’re making sound decisions?

Traveling with Tots

Try these top six tips to make it easier to travel with youngsters.

Wrap It Up! Surviving the End of the School Year

May means school is wrapping up and activities are in full force. That can be overwhelming for your kids (and you!), so here are some tips for coping with this busy time.

Calming the Butterflies

Even though nerves are common, parents can help kids calm the butterflies and be successful.

Secrets of the Second (and Third) Pregnancy

Any woman can tell you no matter how many times she’s been pregnant, pregnancies (and labor) can be so similar it’s almost scary, but they also can be as opposite as night and day.

Delivered--And Then…

Moms-to-be can be very focused on delivery. But what happens in the minutes after Baby is born? What to expect in the next few minutes and hours after delivering.

The Terrific Twos

Here are some great tips on both avoiding and also getting through tantrums when they do happen.

The World of the Walker

One of the biggest worries parents have when Baby takes his first steps is how to keep him safe. “I had no idea that so many new worries would come when my son started walking.

Pregnant-zzzz: Getting the Sleep You Need When You’re Expecting

Pregnant women are often told to “sleep now, while you can”—but sleeping during pregnancy is easier said than done. Just ask Emily Waggoner, who was surprised to find herself sleepless while pregnant with her daughter, Sarah, now 3.

Hand-Me-Downs: What to Keep (and What to Toss)

Exactly what should you hand down to your second, third (and if you’re crazy enough, fourth and subsequent) children? And what should be bought new for each child? Here’s the breakdown.

Creating a Birth Plan

Creating a birth plan is a great way to make sure the doctor, parents, extended family and medical staff are all on the same page.

Going screen-free

Families find various ways to take breaks from the digital world.
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