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Science Says: Make Time for Play

According to researchers, a child’s earliest learning is rooted not in formalized education, but in play.

Five Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

Technology literacy is a necessary skill for our 21st century learners. They must be able to work independently and with others to utilize technology to their advantage, to follow their passions and meet their future needs. Coding is one essential skill all young learners should, at the very least, be exposed to.

What New Moms Need to Know

Congratulations! You’re expecting your first baby! After the excitement of this discovery and sharing the good news subsides, you might experience a sense of panic as you realize your whole life is in for some big changes.

Trimester by Trimester: Pregnancy at a Glance

Few things will throw your body and mind for a loop like pregnancy.

Pregnancy Power Foods

You need to feed your pregnant body with proper nutrition to insure that you stay healthy and that your unborn child develops as he should.

Potty Train Like a Pro

Being a parent comes with a few guarantees: There will be joy, there will be sadness and there will be times of transition. One of the biggest transitions for parents of small children is potty training.

Choosing Your Child’s Car Seat

Parenting is hard. Parents have so much to think about, and recommendations and guidelines change all the time. Trying to figure out which car seat your child might need seems is one of those topics.

Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power!

Did you also know that babies are born with about 100 billion neurons (twice as many as a full-grown adult), and their brains develop most between birth and the age of 3?

Seven Common Feelings of NICU Parents

Sitting beside your baby in the NICU can bring an array of emotions for parents.

Coming Clean: Organization Skills for Kids

Strong organizational skills serve children well through grade school, college and beyond and help them avoid the daily stress of hunting down lost items—not to mention tardy slips, missed buses and late classwork.

How to Rock Family Fun Night with Tweens & Teens

To make hanging with the family something tweens and teens look forward to, try these ideas to jumpstart the family fun.

Helping Kids with Learning Math

Have you seen any of the headlines regarding U.S. students and their performance in mathematics? The headlines are alarming. They paint a very bleak picture for our students and the future of this nation when it comes to mathematical thinking. But if you dig a little deeper into the actual data, the situation might not be as alarming as it first appears.

10 Money Lessons to Help Your Kids Avoid Debt

When it comes to teaching financial literacy, parents play a vital role in how kids will manage their money in the future. Here are ways to raise smart money managers.

Tips for Playdates with Special Needs Kids

Here are some tips for hosting a playdate with kids with disabilities.

Huh? Tips to Improve a Child’s Listening Skills

Talking to your children can be one of the most rewarding parts of your day as a parent. But when there are struggles with listening, it also can be frustrating.

Dealing with a Child’s Fears

Here are some tips to help kids face their fears.

Raising a Selfless Child in a Selfish World

Raising children to be selfless in a selfish world is tough but certainly not impossible. It takes time, intentionality and commitment.

Seven Tips for Overcoming Fear of the Dark

Fear of the dark is a normal part of development and one of the most common childhood problems plaguing families of school-age children. Kids who are afraid of the dark take nearly an hour longer than others to fall asleep. Without a good night’s sleep, children can suffer behavior and mood issues and have trouble concentrating at school.

Hitting the Road: How to Deal with a Teen Driver in the House

One of the best days of a teen’s life is simultaneously one of the worst for a parent: driver’s license day. It’s inevitable—Independence Day is here. While parents enjoy some benefits—no more back and forth to soccer practice!—the worry and anxiousness associated with a teen driver seemingly can outweigh the positives by a thousand to one.

Too Much Tech? Tweens and Screen Addiction

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids ages 8-18 spend around 7.5 hours per day using entertainment media. Increased access to technology makes it easy for kids to slide into damaging digital behaviors. Using the Internet just one hour per day—well below the daily average for American kids—reduces attention span and increases school difficulties, according to one study. And unhealthy digital habits can have serious consequences for tweens and teens, who can carry these addictive behaviors into adulthood.

Toddlers: Learning through Play

I am three toddlers into this motherhood journey and can attest that children come into this world needing to learn pretty much everything. They must learn how to eat, sit, stand, walk, talk, wave, stack, color, jump, open a book and so on. Playing is the natural way in which young ones learn and, as Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Supporting a Mom During High-Risk Pregnancy

My first three pregnancies were easy. I felt great, barely had morning sickness, remained active and was able to maintain all my pre-pregnancy activities. Then I experienced a triplet pregnancy. Everything I knew about pregnancy went out the window.

Sick and Tired:

Sometimes getting to the baby finish line is tougher than it needs to be because of a pesky little side effect called morning sickness that, according to the American Pregnancy Association, affects nearly 50 percent of pregnant women.

Life after the NICU

You’d think that once a family got home with their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) baby, they would be home free, right? After all, their baby isn’t hooked up to multiple monitors, doesn’t have IVs sticking out of every part of his body, and the parents don’t have to travel to and from the hospital every day anymore.

Calming a Fussy Baby

There’s no way around it: Babies cry. And while a cry signals parents to come to aid, nothing can be more frustrating than trying to soothe an irritable infant when you don’t know why he’s crying in the first place.

At-Home Preschool

Let me encourage you with this simple truth: As a mom or dad, you already have been unofficially teaching preschool within the home.

Pint-Sized Pursuits

Providing extracurricular activities for your preschoolers can encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Dance, Tumbling and Music Lessons, Oh My!

We are fortunate to live in an area where opportunities abound for our children: sports, art activities, classes, camps and more. Although having so many choices and opportunities is nice, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. How exactly do you go about choosing something for your child?

Back to School Health Tips

Change is hard for many children, especially changing from a relaxed, slow-paced summer break back to structured classes with homework. While change is inevitable, parents have some strategies we can use to make the transition a little easier.

15 Genius Tips for Back-to-School Time

Discover some of the best tips, clever tricks and genius hacks for heading back to school.
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