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Gap Year Guide

More and more students are taking a gap year between high school and college, or between college and settling down with a job.

Make Housework a Family Affair

Check out these ideas to turn housework into a fun family affair.

What Happens When You Take Away the Screens

People today have a constant wealth of information at their fingertips and access to social media for keeping up with family and friends. But at what cost?

Birthday Party Life Lessons

Discover a few teaching opportunities for your child’s next birthday party

To School or Not to School

Let’s look at some common symptoms kids have and when it’s okay to go to school and when it’s best to stay home and recuperate.

Pluses of Childhood Pets

Bringing a pet home and taking care of it does offer many benefits.

Mistakes Parents Make When Parenting Toddlers

To make sure you don’t run into any of the toddler years’ hidden minefields, here are some mistakes to avoid when dealing with your toddling time bomb.

Baby Quirks

Every new parent at some point wonders: Is my baby supposed to do that? Is this normal?

Inside the NICU

Each year 10-15 percent of babies born in the United States are admitted to the NICU because of premature birth, heart defects, infection or breathing irregularities, according to Parenting.com.

Toddlers Who Bite

Biting phases are completely normal in child development, but what exactly causes toddlers to bite? And what is the best way for parents to handle their toddler’s biting or being bitten by another child?

Bounce Back After Baby

Bouncing back after having a baby means so much more than simply losing baby weight.

Tracking Teens

Thanks to GPS technology in smartphones, we have plenty of options when it comes to keeping up with our teenagers. But should we? As with so many other parenting decisions, it mostly depends on what works best for your family and what skills you are trying to help your adolescent develop.

Benefits of Enrichment Activities

A major benefit of enrichment programs is that children will gain confidence as they learn new and challenging skills.

A Helping Hand

Showing our children that we can put our community first teaches them a valuable lesson: We’re all in this together.

Make This Year the Best New Start for Your Children.

The day is coming without a doubt. Before you want it to, summer sleep-ins end, the swimming pool closes, day trips to the zoo conclude. Suddenly, you are left with tears on your face, falling into your coffee cup. Your baby is in school—maybe even for the first time.

Heading to big kid school

What can you really do to make the school transition easier for your family?

Family Kindness Challenge

Why not try to spread some kindness, giving others (and your own family) something positive to focus on?

Moving with Small Kids

We recently experienced moving our family for the second time within five years and are sharing from our experience in hopes of helping others with any upcoming moves their family may face.

Reverting to One Child in the House

I think this sending kids to school business gives us just a little taste of what the empty nest stage is going to be like, similar to the way sleepless nights while we are pregnant somewhat prepares us for sleepless nights with a newborn.

The Experts Speak

As families prepare their students for the school season, educators weigh in on best practices for managing the transition back to school.

Seeking Sleep

A full night’s sleep for children should sit at the top of your family priority list. Unfortunately, bedtime is one of the easiest habits to let slide. Sleep is essential to a child’s growth, development and health in more ways than one.

After-School Activities: Is Your Child Involved in Too Much?

So how do you know whether your child is doing too much? Here are five signs that it's time to cut back on after-school activities.

Navigating the Popularity Trap

Is your tween or teen in the popular crowd at school? As a parent, do you consider being popular an important goal for your child?

I’m Pregnant!

If you’re anything like most mothers, a million things run through your mind when you find out you’re pregnant. We put together a simple list of the first steps after the big news.

Everything You Need to Know About Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia typically occurs any time after 20 weeks gestation and, more rarely, can develop up to six weeks postpartum. Women with preeclampsia generally experience high blood pressure and protein in the urine.

Budgeting After Baby

Babies cost a lot of money! Diapers, formula, clothes and baby gear can take a huge chunk out of your monthly budget.

Pregnancy Cravings

Nearly 90 percent of women experience cravings during pregnancy.

Preparing Kids for Another Sibling

No matter what is going on around you though, a few tips and tricks can make the introduction as painless and fun as possible!

The New Parent’s Guide to Picking a Pediatrician

Your baby will be seen by the pediatrician in the hospital shortly after birth, so it’s important to have one in place prior to delivery.

Bust Toy Boredom

As a culture, we often give in to the more, more, more idea, the idea that if our children are complaining about being bored, well then, they must need more or different toys.
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