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Keeping Kids Safe in a Crowd

It's every parent's worst nightmare. One second your child is by your side, then a momentary distraction, and your child is gone.

Timely Parenting Research:

What does the latest research say about the potential harm of parents’ online sharing, the concerns about prepackaged, processed meals and the benefits of outdoor family time?

Timely Parenting Research:

What does the latest research say about the diet of U.S. children, the best toys for kids’ development and what adults really think about working versus staying at home to raise a family?

The Importance of a Community and a Social Life for Single Parents

Parenting is hard, single or otherwise, and I believe all parents can benefit from a community or support system. But single parenting can be a feast or famine endeavor, and often support and resources are in short supply.

Hack Your Home: Keeping a Cap on the Chore Chaos

Here are five ways to hack your home in 2017 so it becomes a well-oiled (and dusted) haven for you and your whole family.
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Children’s Mercy NICU and Fetal Health Center

Children’s Mercy is the area’s only Level IV NICU, which means they are able to provide the highest level, most acute care to the tiniest of patients. With 80 beds, they have the capacity to care for many kiddos.

Supporting early births

Six years ago when Katie Gonzalez’s son, Matthew, was born at 24 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 pound, 5 ounces, he was the smallest baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. He stayed there for 121 days and endured a number of procedures and complications.

Your Child, Less Whiny

Dealing with whining kids may be one of the most difficult jobs a parent must do. Why does it always seem to be when you are in a rush, grabbing necessary grocery items, waiting in line to check out, that your 3-year-old melts down?

What’s Up with Dirt?

According to a recent report from the National Wildlife Federation, letting kids play in the dirt not only allows them freely to explore their surroundings, burn off energy, gain strength and gross motor skills, but actually can make children healthier. Say what?!

Spend the Summer Giving Back

Discover amazing ways your family can give back and volunteer in the Kansas City area.

Keeping Kids Safe in a Crowd

It's every parent's worst nightmare. One second your child is by your side, then a momentary distraction, and your child is gone.

Helping Kids Navigate Tough Friendships

No parent wants to see her child suffer. We aim to protect, nurture and shelter our children from pain. It’s why we rush to retrieve Neosporin and Band-Aids at the first sight of a small cut or scrape and run to the rescue at the sight of a more serious injury. But a hurting heart? No tool in the medicine cabinet is able to cure that.

Unplug: How Unstructured Time Fosters Better Connection

Whether you want to become a stronger, more intuitive communicator or you’re trying to raise one, free time spent unplugged can make a big difference.

Timely Parenting Research:

What does the latest research say about the potential harm of parents’ online sharing, the concerns about prepackaged, processed meals and the benefits of outdoor family time?

How to Teach Children a Good Work Ethic

Want to be sure your child will develop a good work ethic and the ability to tough it out when things get difficult? Here are some great tips on how to lead her into becoming a responsible, self-sufficient adult.

Eating Healthy When You Are Expecting

Eating well when you are expecting doesn’t have to be overcomplicated.

Creating a More Comfortable Pregnancy–Naturally!

Many moms have discovered they enjoy pregnancy more, are more comfortable as their baby grows and feel like they are better supported emotionally when they use 100 percent pure essential oils.

Going the Distance:

Your doctor warned you these last few weeks of pregnancy would be the toughest. And she was right.

7 Pregnancy Myths Busted

We are here to debunk those myths and let you know the facts—the “do’s and don’ts” of pregnancy.

Homemade Diaper Cream

This homemade diaper cream is so luxurious and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Making the Most of Your Maternity Leave

Many moms will tell you they think working a full-time job is easier than being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Got a climber on your hands?

Just like rolling over, crawling and walking, climbing is a rite of passage for young children, and like it or not, eventually all children will find their love for climbing on all sorts of objects. Our job as parents is to keep our child as safe as possible while she is spreading her wings, climbing and giving us heart attacks at the same time!

Winter Fun for Tiny Tots on a Shoestring Budget

It’s been said that kids spell love T-I-M-E. Spending one-on-one time with your child, from an early age, can be the beginning of a healthy and loving parent/child bond. These are favorite ideas for outings with little ones—on a shoestring budget!

Coming Attractions: The First Year with Your Baby

Kids change year over year, but babies change day over day, hour over hour, minute over minute. What will she be surprising you with in the coming months? Here’s a basic guide to help you know what to look for and when.

Encouraging Baby’s Love of Reading

Begin your baby’s literature journey even before his birth. Suggest a children’s book theme for your baby shower or have guests bring their favorite children’s book in lieu of a card to stock your children’s library. Also asking seasoned mothers for their favorites can help when adding items to your baby registry.

Take It or Leave It

When I was pregnant with my first, I had my hospital bag loosely packed somewhere around 35 weeks. With my second, I had very little packed at 38 ½ weeks. (What a shame since a surprise home delivery left no one time to pack anything else!) I landed somewhere in the middle with my third, packing my bag around 37 weeks. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, there is no right or wrong time to pack your bag—but there are definitely items to include on the “must-have” list.

Nesting 101

Nesting isn’t just for the birds. And if you’re entering your third trimester, there’s a good chance you know it all too well. Nesting, the act of preparing for a little one’s arrival through sporadic bursts of energy coupled with unusually strong compulsions to clean or organize, can take on a life of its own, particularly in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

NICU Know-How

The birth of your baby is a special time, but if your new little one requires a stay in the neonatal intensive care (NICU), that time may become stressful. According to Dr. Kathleen Weatherstone, HCA Midwest Health’s Neonatal ICU Program medical director, 10 percent of all babies born need some type of special care at delivery and that may include the NICU.

Mastering the Art of Nursing in Public

Experts agree that breastfeeding supports the healthy development of your baby and your overall well-being and it establishes a lasting bond with your little one. Breastfeeding is also conveniently portable. But if you’re like many new moms, embarrassment and a fear of judgment may make you nervous about nursing in public.

Soothing Separation Anxiety

Feeling nervous when it’s time to stay with a caregiver is normal for your child. Separation can be difficult for both of you. Children can begin to feel comfortable, and separation anxiety will improve with these strategies.

Baby’s First Year Quiz

How much do you know about Baby’s first year?

Life Lessons: Surviving Year One

As you embark on the journey of the first year with a new baby, having the support of friends and family will be very important. Being equipped with tips and advice from parents who have been there and done that can’t hurt either! Here are some tips from metro area parents on how to survive the first year with your new bundle of joy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling Your Toddler’s Public Meltdowns

Being distracted by strangers at the store or the fact that you are running late is easy, but the best way to handle a meltdown is to give your child your complete focus.

Your Back-to-School Health Checklist

Back-to-school isn’t just about school supplies, first day outfits and haircuts. Appointments need to be scheduled and everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to the health of your child.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Face it, portable internet devices are here to stay, and our kids are fond of them. Screen time for kids becomes more palatable when we know they're learning something at the same time. Here are a few recommendations for both Android and Apple devices.
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