Mama Needs a Night Out!

Parenting is one of the most rewarding things in life. As moms, we give our all to our kids: our time, our love, our patience and our compassion. And while most of us wouldn’t change a thing, all that giving can take its toll! “Some days, I’m not sure if I’m more emotionally exhausted or physically exhausted. As a mom, you really put your feelings on the back burner to take care of the kids and, after a while, that adds up and you need a break,” says Brenda Blake, Olathe mom. To help ease the pressure, many moms plan a moms night out. These outings can include other moms or be solo ventures to help clear your head. Recharging your mom batteries is the goal, and metro moms have helped us put together some ideas to get you out of the house!

If you are interested in fun for your whole group…


Take a tour. Kansas City is full of venues that provide group tours. This is a great way to explore an interest and learn a little more about the city. If you are a caffeine lover, try a tour of the Roasterie. Want to try an adult beverage tour? Check out Boulevard Brewing Company or Kansas City Bier Company. “We love the Caffeine Crawl when it comes to KC. It is so much fun to try out the coffees at different places and experiment with new drinks,” says Kimberly Barnes, Kansas City, MO, mom. “If your friends are into coffee, it makes a terrific outing.”


Start a book club. If you love to read, sharing stories with friends can be a wonderful break from the everyday routine. Make a list with friends of the books you would like to read and set a timeline that works for everyone. In addition to looking forward to a night of great conversation, your friends might decide to add in treats and drinks for your book club meetings!


Roll the dice. Bunco is a fantastic game for moms who want to have some fun with a large group. The game itself is generally played with 12 or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice. Your group can decide to include prizes, snacks or drinks to liven up the occasion! Setting a regular schedule for games also gives you the benefit of scheduling your nights out in advance to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. “Our Bunco nights are some of my favorites,” Amie Minor, Shawnee mom, says. “We can talk, enjoy some great treats and have a little healthy competition during the game. Such a good way to let off some steam and relax with your friends.”


Follow the music. Kansas City is known for its music scene, and moms night out is the perfect time to take it in! Check out your neighborhood restaurants and bars to see when they host live music nights or venture out and about in the city. From the Riot Room in Westport to the high-energy piano action at Howl at the Moon, some gems await you in every corner of the metro!


If you prefer to spend some solo time…


Volunteer. Finding an organization that speaks to your passions can give you a big boost in energy and self-worth. Signing up as a volunteer also gives you a regular schedule that will make it easier for your family to plan around your volunteer shifts. Need ideas of where to offer your time? Check out


Bend your brain. Learning can give moms new life! And there are lots of ways to bend your brain, challenge yourself and learn something new. From cooking or art classes, to church programs or going back to school, options to fit every budget and schedule abound. Think about your passions and make a choice that feeds your brain and your heart.


Pamper yourself. For each mom, pampering can mean something different. For some, it means a great cup of coffee and a good book. For others, a massage and a pedicure. No matter whether your pleasure is trying an adults-only restaurant or testing your limits in a new exercise class, pampering can lift your spirits and rejuvenate you to take on another day. “I had always been curious about rock climbing, but I’d never done it,” Tricia Alexander, Kansas City, KS, mom, says. “I decided to sign up for a class and challenge myself. As a mom, it has been great for getting some exercise, clearing my head and doing something just for me.”


Take in Kansas City. In our beautiful city, you can always find something to see. When you are sharing the outing with family or friends, the group may not always agree on where to go. Have you always wanted to take in a show at Starlight Theatre? Have you wondered about the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum? You’ll find adventures all over the metro with which you can fill many nights of exploring!


If you need any more reasons why a moms night out should be part of your regular schedule, science will back you up! According to a 2006 study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, U.S. men report 40 minutes more leisure time every day than women (in Italy, it's an 80-minute spread). A similar study in 2005 found nearly 20 percent of working women take a vacation only once every six years, and nearly a quarter get one only once every two to five years.


Melissa Bellach is a mom and freelance writer living in Overland Park.


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