Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Photo Scavenger Hunt

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Scavenger Hunt

Note: This Scavenger Hunt is designed for older kids, teens, and adults. For young children, we created a special Kids Scavenger Hunt at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art just for them (reading not required).

Set Up:
Create teams (3 people per team is ideal). Establish a Start and Finish Time (1 ½ hours recommended) and a final meeting spot (Information Booth works well). At the end of the hunt, determine which team found the most items. Award simple prizes to the winning team.

Supplies (per team):

  • the Hunt List
  • a Pencil (available at the Information Booth at the Art Gallery) 
  • a Camera (with ability to turn off the flash) 
  • a watch.


  • Each team will hunt for the items on the list. They are to photograph (no flash) each item as they find it and check it off the list.
  • Everyone must work as a team, not individually. Stay together. 
  • Some items may be in any form (painting, sculpture, etc), others are specifically requested as sculptures or actual objects. 
  • A photo cannot be used as the answer to more than one item. 
  • No flash photography allowed (museum rules). 
  • May use pencils, but no ink pens (museum rules). 
  • All photos must be exhibit items


  • Look high and low for answers.
  • Some things will be large and easy to find, others will be smaller and a little more challenging. 
  • Some clues will have multiple correct answers, others will have only one piece of art that will correctly fit the clue.


The team who finds the most items wins the game (and a prize if possible).
Award special prizes for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold items.
Prize ideas: Candy, Stationary, Free Ice Cream at Winstead’s

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Photo Scavenger Hunt

Start Time: ___________

Finish Time: ______________

1. Orange Light Switch

2. Cat Listening to Musicians

3. Gold Ox

4. Water Wheel

5. Cauliflower Teapot

6. Wooden platform shoes

7. Purple Vase with a Dragon

8. Apartment Building on a Hill

9. Rhinoceros

10. A Diner with Many Reflections

11. Pile of Musical Instruments on the Ground

12. REAL Japanese Suit Armor

13. A Harlequin

14. Dutch Boy Paint Can

15. Mary Magdalene

16. Camel

17. Boat with a reflection

18. Lion Statue

19. Stained Glass Lamb

20. Butter on Corn

21. Pumpkin

22. Speared Dragon

23. Cow with Flower Wreath around Neck

24. Stone Fountain

25. Pharaoh

26. Gold Dragon Head

27. REAL Grandfather Clock

28. Enthronement Ceremony of an Empress

29. Toucan

30. Owl Statue

31. REAL Coat of Armor for a Horse

32. Wood Carved Ceiling

33. Chinese Crane on Red Background

34. Statue made of tools

35. Tambourine

Bronze Bonus: Dancing Lobsters

Silver Bonus: Golden Cup with Serpents Inside It

Gold Bonus: People with Chairs on their Heads

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