Spring Style Updates

It’s that time of year again—that wonderful, beloved, highly anticipated time of the year. We’ve tended to more runny noses than we care to recall, and we’re ready for this seasonal change. Spring! Oh, how we’ve missed you.

But what good is gorgeous weather with a dowdy wardrobe? And what good is a great wardrobe if you’ve had to break the bank to get it? Don’t fret… I’m here to help you with my best, easiest and thriftiest spring style updates. Pick one tip you love or embrace them all. Cheers to a new season, and cheers to a new you!

The Color

Emerald has been dubbed *the* color for spring. If you don’t have much green in your wardrobe already, a green statement necklace or lightweight green scarf is a smart way to add it in. If green isn’t the best color near your face (perhaps you’re a blonde, and feel like it doesn’t meld well with your hair), then go for a green shoe, handbag, or bold bangle.

Frock It

The next tip for a seamless transition into spring is to pair your boots with your dresses and skirts. No matter your favorite boot style—ankle, mid-calf or even riding boots—they’ll look springtime fresh paired with a fun frock or flouncy skirt. Nothing says spring-ready like showing a little leg!

Cuff It

Cuffing your pants is a great way to look on trend this spring. You can go right after it by trying a skinnier cuff, but if the tight rolling mania of the 80’s is still too traumatic for you, go for a wider one-cuff statement. The great thing about cuffing your pants is that you can make any length work. If you once thought that one particular pair of your skinny jeans were too short to be worn outside of boots, think again! Just cuff that denim and make the look intentional. I always tell my clients, as long as you wear it like you meant to do it, it will look great! If you want another update without adding any cost, you can try cuffing your sleeves, instead. I would recommend against simultaneous cuffing (pants and sleeves), as it might look too staged.


Make your spring statement with textures: trade out your knit cardigans for some cotton button ups. Cotton feels fresher than knits. Chambray tops are still all the rave and look great when layered. Or, go for a blousy shirt and belt it to showcase your waist. Even though our winter was fairly mild, saying sayonara to cold weather feels good.

KNOW what’s in your closet

Seasonal transitions are the perfect time to go through your wardrobe. Try on anything within question. Refold camisoles and tees. Reevaluate your shoe wardrobe. Knowing what’s in your closet is the best way to make the most of your clothes. It sounds simple, but it’s very true. You should have a solid understanding of what pieces make up your wardrobe. That means revisiting your clothes more often than just when you’re ripping through, trying to find something to wear.

LOVE your jacket

Your jacket will rarely be far from reach, especially at the beginning of spring. Why not choose something amazing? A great jacket should be slimming and a flattering color. There are so many great choices: leather or faux, denim, a blazer with lining, a belted trench, and oh so many more. Be intentional when you choose a jacket.

Still need MORE?

It’s my job to know what’s stylish and on trend. It takes sheer dedication to piles of gorgeous fashion magazines, but it’s an obligation I’m willing to endure. These trends are spot-on for spring, and could already be in your closet:

  • Global prints
  • Lace and cut-outs
  • Leather
  • Fringe

NEW beginnings

Why not make this your most stylish spring yet? Devote an afternoon to rediscovering your closet and make a comprehensive list of what you could really use in your closet so you will spend smarter. Also, write a powerful positive statement for yourself to follow: I am stylish or I love my style are great ways to start. It’s destined to be a fabulous spring in Kansas City when oodles of moms decide to look and FEEL stylish!

Sylvia C. Hall is a mom of two young children living in Kansas City. She is a creative life stylist who empowers women to become their most confident and stylish selves. Visit www.SylviaCStyling.com to learn more.

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