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Sara Keenan

Kansas City's Savvy Shopper

July 2011


Like We Used To

We just got back from a wonderful vacation with our kids and my parents and brother in Colorado.  We stayed in a little cabin that my husband's uncle bought 40 years ago...he has visited this cabin many times throughout his life which made it so special for us to be there.  My family used to take yearly trips to Colorado, too...and of course while we were there we shared a lot of memories of those trips and what we used to do on vacation.  We would pile in the car with our cousins and compete with each other in the "license plate game."  We would sing silly songs and play "I Spy" to pass the time.  When we got to Colorado we would go on  hikes, play in the creeks, climb on rocks, and explore.  We would visit cheesy tourist spots and spend a few bucks on a little souvenir. ...

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I Never Thought I Would Say it, but...

I just went to Target and bought ALL of my kids school supplies in one trip.  Now this may not sound out of the ordinary to you, but to someone who loves coupons and sales it could be considered insanity.  I mean...I bought things FULL PRICE that weren't even on sale (okay, I bought SOME things on sale and I did use a few coupons...but I would have bought the stuff anyway even if it wasn't on sale).  I probably paid 25% more than I would have if I would have watched the sales, clipped coupons, and drove to 2-3 different stores each week until school starts getting the best deals.  But I thought about it and decided that at this point in time my time is more valuable than that extra $15-20 I spent and I don't regret it one bit!  See...I am super blessed to have a job where I am off...

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"Firsts" for Older Kids

Seeing your child laugh for the first time or start to crawl across the floor is so amazing...all of those wonderful "firsts" when you have a baby are just so exciting!  And you may think that once your kids have said their first words and taken those first steps that that magical time is all over.  But I've got great news...those "firsts" continue and honestly in some ways they are even more exciting!  Here are some great "firsts" we have experienced with our 4.5 and 6.5 year old kids in the last year: --First time off the diving board --First book read all by himself --First time swimming with her face under water --First hit in a little league game --First ballet recital Seeing the look on your child's face when they accomplish something that they haven't been able to do before...

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Talking to Girls

I recently read an article after a couple of friends posted it on Facebook and I could really relate.  The article, entitled "How to Talk to Little Girls" (read it HERE) addresses the tendancy for people to greet little girls with talk about their appearance.  It may be natural to talk to your own girls or girls that you encounter about how CUTE they are or how pretty their dress is, but what message does that send to them?  That their appearance is the most important thing, that everyone notices how they look.  Even if it is positive attention, it can be detrimental.  This article really spoke to me because I'm the mother of a little 4 year old who is already self conscious about her appearance.  She has gorgeous, but very unique, curly blonde hair.  It is really cute if I do...

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Sara Keenan, mother of Science and-Sports-Guy Sam and the Sweet Gymnast-Princess Annie, loves living in beautiful Brookside where you will often see her walking on the Trolley Track Trail or chasing her kids at any number of area parks. She is also a proud military wife to Cade, who flies C-130s for the Missouri Air National Guard. Sara and her family love taking in all that Kansas City has to offer, from festivals and museums to parks and sporting events. Sara works for Rockhurst University and in her free time she loves to bargain shop, watch baseball (both her son's team and the Royals), play outside, go to the movies, and read...but mostly she just goes where her kids take her!



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