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Battling Bedtime

     In the world of kids and sleep, mine do not go together very well. Sometimes it looks more like a toddler trying to pound an incorrect puzzle piece into a puzzle.     My nearly 3 year old daughter has been boycotting, picketing, and rioting against naps since she was 18 months old! I thought at first that it was a dirty trick. I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day. Unfortunately, it wasn't. It was more like Groundhog Day.     Each day, Ava would amaze me with her ability to play hard without falling asleep for a nap. I would listen to stories of other Mom's I know who have kids the same age, and their kids were still falling asleep in the car on the way home from playdates! My child was still happily running around with just as much energy when...

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The Complexity of Toddlers!

     I ran across an article on that demanded I beckon my husband downstairs to share the hysteria and the laughter with me. Jokingly, the article explained "strange toddler behaviors," to which anyone with a child under 3 (and maybe a few even older than that) can easily relate. And in a very odd, comforting way, this article quickly reminded me that my oldest child (approaching her 3rd birthday in just 2 months) is absolutely, positively, completely, unequivocally....NORMAL.     What are some things that might upset a toddler? recommends taking a ride on their "wheel of unacceptability." You might land on items such as: music is too loud, music is too quiet, diaper has the wrong licensed character on the front of it, blanket is not completely...

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No Peas, Please

     I must have forgotten that introducing foods to babies is not always as easy and charming as the pictures in the Parenting magazines. I'm guilty of assuming that the second child will be easier than the first, simply because I'm not as nervous or uptight about various things. What I didn't consider is my baby.     Our sweet Owen is a very happy, easy going baby. His big smile stretches from ear to ear and practically overtakes his face. He loves his big sister, has been showing interest in the food that we are eating, so I thought we would sail smoothly into the blissful world of actually eating baby food.     I'm happy to report that after a month of eating, it looks like he's finally figured out what he's supposed to do with his tongue once I put the spoon in his mouth!...

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Little Miss Independent

     I'm not exactly sure what happened from one night to the next, but my little girl is surely becoming an independent "little" woman right before my eyes. From the moment our children are born, we are pushing them toward independence, and yet when they finally take those reigns, the lump in our throat wants us to desperately pull back.     For 9 months in the womb, your baby is completely dependent on you and utterly independent on their own to do anything. They rely on you for nourishment, warmth, and life. Yet once they are born, the umbilical cord is cut, they breathe on their own, the experience hunger and pain for the first time, and "survival of the baby" seems to kick into gear.     My toddler, who has been potty-training/potty-trained for 4 months now, suddenly...

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Balancing Safety and Values

     In the next few months, many families will be traveling together to take a summer vacation. The majority of these families will use air travel to arrive to their destination. And one thing that all travelers must be soberly aware of: no one is safe from a TSA pat-down, not even your sweet 6 year-old daughter.     You are most likely aware of a young girl from New Orleans who was selected in early April for a pat-down. The 6 year old was very compliant while the TSA official thoroughly patted down every square inch of her, including running her hands up each leg (inside and out), and running her fingers along the little girl's elastic band on her jeans. The TSA official was following policy, and the mother of this young girl was not upset with the official, but rather, the...

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