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Marisa Frymire

Home Sweet Home with Little Ones

September 2011


Raising A Reader From Birth

     Every parent has heard the exhortation to read to their child. Our house is full of books and we incorporate book reading all throughout our day: while we're eating, before naps and bedtime, upon waking from naps and bedtime, story times at the library, reading outside in the play house, and so on.     School Library Journal posted an article last July about brain development in young children and how it relates to reading. "Children start learning to read the day they're born. That's because reading is part of language development, and children begin learning language when they're infants." Reading is not something that happens one day when your child is 5 years old; it's something that's been happening since the day they were born a little at a time.     My son just...

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"Motherese": The Universal Language

     Babies bring people together. As a mom of a 1 and 3 year old, I rarely go into a store without someone smiling at, talking to, or commenting on my children. "They're so cute; how old are they?" and to my 1 year old, "What a big smile you have! You are a great clapper and you're so happy!" It's hard to resist a baby, isn't it?     Scientifically speaking, even more fascinating than a baby is the way that people, universally, talk to a baby. We've all heard it. We've all done it. That high-pitch, soft sound with exaggerated rhythm and intonation. It's called "motherese" (also known as "parentese") and it is the term used to refer to how adults speak to and interact with babies.      I have a degree in early childhood, so these kinds of things really interest me. The other...

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Classes and Kids

My 3 year old is a budding flower of curiosity. She's a socialite, thrives on evening play with the neighbor kids, and is becoming more skillfully active as the days pass by.As a single income family (SAHM) with 2 young ones at home, we are a family that does our best to stay on a budget. There is a little more thought and reflection that goes into making decisions because we have only one income to cover all of our expenses (bills and anything fun as well).Age three seems already to be a significant year. Many children (including mine) are starting preschool. Mother's Day Out, which she did last year, was a great opportunity to have her in a classroom for an extended period of time without me. But now that we're three, it's preschool. Two days a week. School supplies. Meet and greet...

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Looking Forward to Fall

     The beginning of summer brings with it much promise and anticipation. New swimsuits for the kids, late nights in the driveways with neighbors, cookouts, camp outs, special ice cream treats and staying up later than usual. I have yet to meet a person who longs for this time of year. Until, that is, the temperatures reach in the 100's, and then we're all complaining in a chorus begging for cooler days to arrive.     As we eagerly wait for summer to arrive, and then once the heat sets in, the mosquitoes won't stop biting, and the sunburns become too much to bear, the music of U2 rings in my ears: "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."      We have officially said goodbye to summer and are now in a beautiful season of new promise and anticipation - fall! The cool air...

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Marisa Frymire is thrilled to be a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful young children. Besides playing on the floor and reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, you can find Marisa enjoying Sunday dinners with family, jogging around the neighborhood, taking pictures of her son and daughter, searching the internet for new recipes, and watching a favorite TV show with her husband, Nathan. Marisa has lived in Kansas City all her life, and thinks this really is one of the greatest cities to raise a family. She and her husband love living life together and making a home in Overland Park.



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