Mar 13, 2012 Marisa Frymire

Home Sweet Home with Little Ones

You Have To Lose To Gain

You Have To Lose To Gain

I remember years ago, pre-kids, how much I loathed daylight savings in the spring. Who would ever want to lose an hour of sleep? Most of the time, I feel pretty sleep-deprived and could always use more. “Falling back” in the fall is just what I need! But springing forward to lose an hour of precious beauty sleep?? No thanks!

That was my attitude, until my little beauties came along. Daylight savings in the fall almost creates more problems, despite the “extra” hour I’m promised by the weatherman reminding me to set my clocks back. Somehow, the kids never get that memo, and everyone wakes earlier than before, and it is much, much darker outside at 6am.

But springing forward with little kids? It’s got some great perks! My kids have “slept in” the last few days as their little bodies are still trying to figure this change out, which is just fine by me. And the extra hour of daylight means seeing our neighbors again in the evening, congregating once more for a few hours on our driveways while all the kids play outside, and enjoying some extra play time. The warmer weather reminds us that even warmer days are ahead of us, and there seems to be extra cheer in the air.

Though we apparently “lose” an hour for springtime daylight savings, we really gain it back in other ways too precious to count on a clock. Friendships rekindled. Neighbors re-emerge from hibernation. Beautiful weather. Memories to be made with the people you live life right next to.

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