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July 2011


What's So Great About Kaleidoscope?

     I despise state testing for children in schools. It's really an awfully skewed way to measure what a student knows or does not know, and it puts all accountability on the teachers, never once taking into account a strength or challenge of a student, their attitude toward a particular subject, or what might be going on in their personal life that could be affecting how they see a geometry problem on any given school day.     The emphasis on state testing is simple: product. The quantitative results matter only. You don't get any credit for showing your work, or for demonstrating that you got 90% of the steps right before simply adding incorrectly at the end. It matters only if the answer is right or wrong.     I mention state testing because Kaleidoscope is a far cry from...

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Moving and the Unknown

     One week from yesterday, we will be moved into our new house. Out with the old, and in with the new!     Our house looks like a war zone of boxes. The kitchen itself probably has 30 boxes stacked against the windows near the eat-in area. We've made good progress, but there is still much left to do. So far, my 3 year old has handled seeing our current house transformed into a city of boxes quite well. We've taken everything off her bedroom walls and emptied her bookshelf, and yet I'm amazed how she keeps moving forward each day, unphased by the bareness and lack of personal touch that her room possesses.     My husband and I feel very much at peace to be moving in just one week. We are sad to leave our neighbors and the memories made in our current home, but very excited to...

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Enduring Your Child's Public Meltdown

     My husband and I have unintentionally, sub-consciously stayed away from the children's mansion known as Toys R Us. Don't get me wrong - this mansion sure does live up to its expectations. If you're in dire need of any toy, you're sure to find it in one of the never-ending aisles there (unless, of course, it's a holiday, and then you're on your own to face the mobs).     We typically stick to Target, Walmart, Kohl's, garage sales, or consignment sales for toys for our kids. Ava just turned 3 and isn't too particular just yet. Generalities (princess items) are much easier to work with than the particular doll and model number from the movie Tangled.     When birthdays roll around, we usually journey our way out to this great mansion, bearing up for what could be an...

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Could Multitasking Be Working Against You?

     You may have heard the analogy before that women are like dry erase boards. We usually have about 7 things going on in our minds at once - pay the bills, make a dentist appointment, take the kids to soccer, go to the grocery store, return library books, and get the laundry started. On top of that, take care of the kids, make lunches, clean up, and keep everyone safe from harm. Our minds are constantly filled with tasks to complete.     But, could this great art of multitasking actually be working against you?     As a mother of 2 young children, my days are filled with multitasking. I can cook at the stove with one hand, hold my 10 month old on my hip with the other hand, cradle the phone between my ear and shoulder, and help my daughter with an art project all at the same...

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