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July 2011


Christmas in July

    Okay, since we are almost in August, I can now tolerate the back to school items being everywhere I go (doesn't mean I like them, but I can at least put up with them as we enter August). As you head out for your back to school shopping be sure to stock up now on supplies you can use come November for Operation Christmas Child. If you aren't familiar with the program, it is a wonderful opportunity for a holiday service project that really involves the kids. Last year, my Tori's class worked together on filling shoe boxes for needy children and if memory serves, they filled over 50! The idea is to fill a shoe box with items that a child who otherwise might not get anything for Christmas receives. Markers, crayons and other school supplies are great options for filling the box, so...

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A Perfect 10

Dear Tori,     Happy 10th birthday! I can't believe how quickly the time has passed since you were born 10 years ago on that hot July afternoon. I close my eyes and I can picture you, just a tiny little thing being placed in my arms. I remember everything so clearly from that day, but what I remember most is your eyes. Your eyes were wide open and seemed to be looking around and taking it all in. Since day one, you have been a curious and inquisitive soul. I hope that stays with you throughout your life.     I love songs and to quote songs, and one of my favorites is "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. So as we celebrate you this week, know that my wishes and dreams for you are many and when you head this song, think of me and all that I want for you. Forever Young Rod Stewart...

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Family Fun at the Drive In

Last week we took the girls to see Cars 2 at the Boulevard Drive In. I hadn't been to a drive in since college and was looking forward to sharing the experience with the girls. We had a GREAT time and the evening was a success! Below are a few tips to make the most of your drive in experience: Arrive early. The show began at approx. 9:15. We were there by 8:00 (thanks to a friend's suggestion that we arrive early) and procured a perfect spot. Bring bug spray. The drive in has a fun playground for the kids before the show begins, but it is in grassy area and was heavily populated by bugs. Stock up on snacks and drinks. It's fine to bring in your own concessions to the Boulevard. Earlier in the day I took the girls to HyVee. Each choose a candy to bring. We popped popcorn...

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It's Still Summer

    Hey there Retail America-last time I checked the calendar, I noticed we are still in summer. S-U-M-M-E-R. You know summer, those three months the kids are off from school. Those lazy days of swimming, eating ice cream, staying up late, catching fireflies, etc, etc. So put away all the back-to-school items. I don't want to see them, much less buy them. The end of summer will be here soon enough, don't make me think about it now every time I walk into Target or go and get the mail or watch TV or listen to the radio. So just take all of those notebooks and backpacks and crayons and stick them back in the stock room. Keep out the water toys and sunscreen and hoses. Don't mail me any flyers about back-to-school fashions. The end of summer will be here too soon, let's not rush into...

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Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things right now: Coke Zero-I really dislike diet soda, but a friend introduced me to Coke Zero and I'm hooked! It doesn't taste diet at all. Morning Laziness-I love being able to get up and enjoy a laid-back morning without rushing to get anyone out the door. I love snuggling with my girls right after they have woken up, such a sweet part of my day! Summer Produce-I can sum it up in one word, "YUM"! Is there anything better than watermelon or peaches or blueberries or corn fresh from the Farmers' Market? Frozen Strawberry Lemonade-Have you tried the new lemonade from McDonalds? If not, you should-it is yummy and perfect on a hot summer day! Bonus coupon on their site for a buy 1, get 1 free smoothie or lemonade-click here. What about you-what is one of your...

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