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Our family recently took our first ski trip. I’ve thought about a ski vacation in the past, but honestly was overwhelmed at the thought of packing ALL that stuff, not to mention the fact that I’m not the most athletic person you’ll ever meet. 

It seems as if every January I suffer from a case of the post-holiday blues. I get antsy for spring days and even though I complain about it, I miss the busyness that comes along with the Christmas season. So to fight those blues this year, the Sarver clan headed to the mountains in Keystone and I’m here to tell you, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it (and, read on, it’s easier than you think!). 

Obstacle 1-Skiing requires lots of clothing and gear.

While that statement is true, don’t let that keep you from taking a ski trip. Chances are, someone you know has been skiing and has some things you can borrow. We borrowed gear for both girls from one family and goggles for all of us from another family. I was able to find the rest of what we needed at the Sears Outlet, Walmart and Payless. I ended up spending less that $200 for gear (and, most of what I bought we have used since the trip).

Obstacle 2-None of us know how to ski.

Again, a true statement, and again, not one that should keep you from taking a ski trip. The last time I was on skis (okay, the only time I’ve been on skis) was in college, and that, my friends, was over 20 years ago. The last time the girls were on skis was, well, never. So, lessons were a big part of the plan. Luckily, the folks at Keystone realize there are a lot of people like us out there and they make it easy for you to get your ski on. Tori and Ally spent two days in Camp Keystone. The instructors were fabulous and both girls learned SO much in two short days. So much so that Ally was flying down the green slopes like she’d been doing it all her life. Since Ty and I needed some lessons as well, we spent the first day under the careful tutelage of Ben. Not only was he one of the most patient men on the planet, he also provided tons of encouraging words and help. From private lessons to group lessons to Camp Keystone, you’ll be flying down the slopes in no time!

Obstacle 3-Where should we stay?

Think about what’s best for your family. Do you do okay all sleeping in the same room? Do you need a lot of space? Some of us in the Sarver family go to bed early while others of us stay up late, so we opted for a condo, but, there are lodging accommodations of every type and for every budget at Keystone. Spend some time on their site, and find what works for you.

Obstacle 4-Skiing is expensive.

True, there are a lot of costs associated with skiing, but there are with almost any vacation. And, this year, Keystone offers a Kids Ski Free program that’s worth checking out. One way we found to save money was by eating in. We found the food to be really expensive at the resort so we found a grocery store and ate in for a few of our meals. Also, one night, we ate an early dinner, dining during happy hour. The restaurant we chose had great deals on appetizers. We ordered a few of those and enjoyed a yummy and inexpensive meal.

Obstacle 5-I’d get tired of skiing every day.

Well, then you will love Keystone. In addition to skiing we went ice skating and tubing. The whole family loved tubing together! You can ride down the hill by yourself or in a group. We rode in all sorts of configurations and laughed our way down each time. In the backyard of the condo was a small hill and the condo came equipped with a sled, so the girls enjoyed sledding as well. There’s also a large snow fort for the kids to play in, along with lots of other fun activities in which to partake, from a parade throughout the village to an après skiing event, just for kids.

But don’t just take my word for it…Tori and Ally share why you should take a vacation to Keystone with your family…

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