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Hello! I’m back! I feel as if it’s been AGES since I last blogged. March and April are my “perfect storm” in my work world-in 5 weeks we put together 4 magazines and for those two months, I eat, drink, sleep and live magazines. But, we’ve made it through and I’m coming back to the land of the living!
I got to thinking the other day that not only has it been a while since I blogged, but it’s been a while since I began this blog, and  figured it was time to kind of reintroduce myself to you, our blogging audience. My sisters read US Magazine and when in STL I will take a peek. They have a column called “25 things you didn’t know about…” and it’s 25 facts about a movie or pop or television star. My sisters and I like to try and come up with 25 things we don’t know about each other and kind of keep a running list going. I decided to put some of my list in writing, so, here goes, “20 Things You Didn’t Know About Margaret Sarver” (didn’t want to bore you with 25):

  • I love SweetTarts and could easily eat a pack a day.
  • I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect pencil. The closest I came was years ago. I received a set of pencils as a gift from a student. They were light blue with white erasers. I’ve never been able to find them since.
  • My three favorite songs are “Bad” by U2,” Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainright (I know others have covered, but I like his version the best) and “Con Ti Partiro” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.
  • In high school I was the St. Louis Area SADD president.
  • When I was 13 I saved my Dad from drowning (which, naturally, makes me his favorite daughter).
  • Ty and I honeymooned in Branson. That’s back in the day when I wouldn’t fly.
  • When I win the lottery, I am hiring someone to come to my house every morning to do my hair and hiring a driver. No more carpool or bad hair days for me!
  • I took a speed reading class in high school.
  • I’ve never had a cavity.
  • My second toe is a bit misshapen and sits on top of my big toe. When I walk in the sand I leave only 4 toes in my footprint. It used to embarrass me and I NEVER wore flip flops, but I’ve gotten past that and now own way too many pairs of flip flops.
  • My nickname as a child was Boots.
  • The back of my head makes an appearance in the TV movie “Sometimes They Come Back” based on a Stephen King book.
  • My drink of choice is a margarita and I must say, the Chambord Margarita at Fronteras in Shawnee is to-die for!
  • I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every morning-Frosted Mini Wheats with blueberries.
  • In high school I worked as a hostess at the local IHOP.
  • The one person in the world I want to meet: Bono. I’m a woman on a mission.
  • My favorite movie is “Shawshank Redemption”. I REALLY want to know what happens after Andy and Red meet up on the beach as the credits roll. Every time I watch I want to shout, “No! Don’t end yet!”
  • I don’t get Twitter.
  • I can’t stand to be late. It makes me very anxious.
  • I need for it to be completely dark when I sleep. I have to cover the cable box each night and take the phone off the hook because the little lights bother me.

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Margaret Sarver

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photo of Margaret Sarver Editor of KC Parent Magazine and KC Baby Magazine, Margaret Sarver, enjoys the joys and challenges of raising two daughters. A former elementary school teacher, she currently spends her days volunteering at her girls’ school, leading Daisy Scout meetings and trying to keep her girls from growing up so quickly. In addition to being a busy mom and wife, Margaret enjoys reading, trying new restaurants, traveling, attending concerts and date nights with her husband, Ty.



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