Apr 13, 2012 Margaret Sarver

Joys & Challenges of Raising Children in Kansas City

A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters

As I’ve written in the past, my girls couldn’t be more different. One is more easy-going and laid back while the other is scheduled and needs her routine (and, don’t you dare vary that routine). One will try any food put in front of her, the other would be fine if I only served chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and brownies. One jumps into any new situation with gusto while the other hangs back and watches while making mental notes before joining in. One loves to perform and ham it up while the other would rather not be in front of a crowd.

So it was no surprise when my younger, Ally, announced she was trying out for the annual school talent show. And it was no surprise when my older, Tori, said she wasn’t trying out (and she never has in her three years of eligibility). Since I don’t have a lot of talent when it comes to performing, my husband came up with the brilliant idea of asking our teenaged neighbor who is on her school’s dance team to help Ally and her friend put together a dance routine. Song chosen (Rock Around the Clock) outfits secured (poodle skirts) and practices scheduled. I really thought they had a decent chance of making the talent show. What could go wrong?

Imagine my surprise when Tori comes home and says, “You need to sign this permission slip so I can try out for the talent show.” Huh? Come again? Weren’t permission slips due a week ago? Didn’t you say you had no desire in trying out? Long story short, Tori had two friends who were trying out, one friend was pulled by parents and left other friend without a partner. Tori stepped in to take her place. So now, after putting time and effort into Ally and her routine, I have Tori who is moving outside of her comfort zone to help a friend try out. Tori’s routine is already put together, song is already chosen, all Tori has to do is practice.

Ugh! I was okay with Ally trying out and not making it, but now I have the fear that one will make it and one won’t. Wonder how much it would cost me to bribe the judges to allow both girls to make it (or not make it). Kidding! I wouldn’t really bribe them (or would I?). Seriously, I am anticipating disaster and hurt feelings and lots of tears. But, I keep telling myself, situations like these build character and teach life lessons. Who knows? It could all work out. Just say a little prayer for me and the girls as they try out on Monday. I’ll let you know the outcome!

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