Fabric Flowers

Some people knit...I’ve never been able to get the hang of it. But, I’ve always wanted a little crafty project to do, infront of the TV, or while hanging out with the girls watching them play or perform or do cartwheels across the living room in their jammies. Especially in the winter, when the days are short, and we’re not out playing in the yard until bedtime, I always wished a little project would sit in a basket next to my couch waiting for me. And I finally found it! I know it sounds funny, but my new obsession is fabric flowers!

I like this project because you just need a strip of fabric, leftover from a project or a remnent. I simply roll and twist the fabric, dotting with hot glue along the way. Would you believe I finally got a glue gun? And it was less than $3 from Wal-Mart – what took me so long? In case you want the full tutorial, one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Jones, shows you how right here

I love how each one turns out just a little bit different. And I love how many different things you can do with these! Try using one of your rolled flowers for:

  • A brooch (just add a pin back)
  • A wreath (use your hot glue to stick them right on)
  • A headband (I bought the stretchy ones at the drugstore, or you can sew one)
  • A stocking (dress up plain stockings with flowers)
  • A present-topper at the holidays
  • A pillow (use the pinback to pin onto a pillow so you can remove for washing)
  • A scarf
  • Whatever else you can dream up!


I bet you’ll find these little flowers as addictive as I have! I quickly ended up with a basket full and gave pins to all of the women at our Thanksgiving dinner. It is fun surprising a teacher or a friend with this fun little gift! Enjoy!

Fabric Flower Tutorial

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