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Kristina Light

The Inside Scoop on Family Fun in KC

May 2009


Kick Off Summer with Reading

    The last week of May. It is an annual holiday in our home. The Summer Reading Programs have begun! Our libraries (Mid-Continent) award FREE books for completion of lists and my daughters and I look forward to it every year.     Today, we made a trip to the library for two tons of books (okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but the 5 bags - no exaggeration there- WERE heavy)! We returned home to curl up on the sofa with stories of princesses, otters, penguins, baseball, cowboys, and coyotes.     When Daddy came home, he heard a very imaginative tale of a princess on a pony who met a coyote in the middle of a baseball game and then visited penguins in the dessert with otters. So, maybe the memory isn't quite perfect, but the imagination sure is!     My husband...

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Let's Say Thanks

    "Day is done, gone the sun. From the lake, from the hills, from the sky...."     As I hear Taps played, tears well up.     I remember listening to the familiar military bugle call played five years ago, as my family and I attended the brick dedication ceremony at Liberty Memorial. The bricks were engraved with the names of veterans and citizens who believed in Liberty. One of those names was that of my grandfather, a WWII U.S. Navy Veteran. He served on the USS Raymond and was in the fleet when the Japanese surrendered on the USS Missouri.     Taps was played again on a cold, windy day in January, 2005, as my grandfather was laid to rest.     The song conjures up memories and my love for my grandfather, but it also conjures up pride... not only for...

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1 Pregnant Mom + 2 Toddlers + Worlds of Fun = ?

    I grew up spending summers at Worlds of Fun. I still mourn the loss of the Zambezi Zinger. I rode the Timberwolf on its Opening Day and, being the "Cool Big Sister" I ALSO rode the Wacky Worm on its Opening Day twenty years ago with my youngest sister.     I was very excited to take my children to Worlds of Fun to see what summer memories we'd create. However, I have to admit, I was a bit reticent about taking them NOW... my girls are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, and I am expecting. Was this really the formula for fun?     We visited Worlds of Fun a few weekends ago and was I ever surprised! As my 3 year old stated, "We didn't have fun. We had LOTS of fun!"     Worlds of Fun's Camp Snoopy is PERFECT for young children. It features nearly twenty Snoopy-themed rides with the...

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Craft Idea: Personalized Purses for Little Girls

Looking for an easy craft young girls will love? We made these for my daughter's 3rd birthday and, nine months later, my girls are still playing with theirs!   Supplies: Small Clear Plastic Totes (available at Michael's and JoAnn's) Craft Paint with writing tip (we used glitter per daughter's request) Self-Adhesive Gems, Flowers, and Patches   How to: 1) Paint the Name: Choose your favorite font and print the names off on the computer. Slide the printed sheet into the purse so you can read it (the tote is "see through"). Trace the name with the paint. Let it dry.             2) Decorate: Let the girls decorate the purse with gems, flowers, and patches.   Voila! Personalized Purses for your little Princess!

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My favorite Milestone

We have a tradition of singing an "I Love You" song in our house. To the tune of Where is Thumbkin?: I Love (name) I Love (name) Yes, I do. Yes, I do. She's my favorite (fill in the blank).She's my favorite (fill in the blank). Yes, she is. Yes, she is.   So, last night I was singing this to my two girls and my oldest started an "I love you." "No, I love YOU." contest (getting louder and more emphatic after each reply). To which her sister shocked us all by replying, "I love YOU!" Kayla (1 1/2) continued to say, "I love you." All night long. This has to be my favorite milestone!

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Tomorning and Other Toddler-isms

   My daughter loves to 'create' words when the 'perfect word' doesn't come to mind. When we kiss her goodnight, she says, "I'll see you Tomorning and we'll have breakfast." Tomorning = Tomorrow Morning.     Questions are preceded with, "W (double-u) What?" I think it is her love for the Letter Factory that led to announcing the letter for a word.     Last year, when we took our then-two-year-old to the zoo, when she saw the Tiger she lovingly said, "Bounce, please bounce, Tigger." She didn't understand why the Tiger wasn't bouncing around on a spring-y tail a la The Hundred Acre Wood.     Every day we hear, "I have a GREAT idea Mommy & Daddy!" Great ideas range from, "We should have breakfast." (No, this is not a novelty, but a daily ritual in our home... thanks to...

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Remembering my first Mother's Day...

    I remember when I was expecting our first baby and I asked my husband, 'Do you want to find out if we're having a boy or a girl?' He said, "Of course!" Truly, his response was basically, "I can't believe you're asking!" He essentially believes if technology is available and it is not illegal or immoral, of course you should take advantage of it!     So, we found out at the doctor's office and were thrilled to learn (confirming all guesses and "instincts") that we were having a daughter. Several friends cautioned, "You know sonograms aren't perfect. I know people who painted the nursery pink and had a son." I didn't take this too seriously. Most accounts of this were many years old (technology has certainly improved a lot) and we made it clear to our doctor that we didn't...

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Mother's Day in Kansas City

    Okay Moms, if you’re like me you still plan Mother’s Day. My children aren’t old enough to contribute to the brainstorm, and planning isn’t my husband’s cup of tea. A few years ago, we celebrated Mother’s Day at the Zoo with free Ice Cream and admission for moms. Last year, we celebrated at a Royals Game (unfortunately, they’re not in town this year). This year, Worlds of Fun is beckoning!      Across the Metro, our local attractions are rolling out the red carpet for moms and you’re invited. If you’re looking for great ways to celebrate with Mom, look no further! We, at www.kcparent.com, have the answers: All Weekend: Celebrate with Hands-On Fun! Families are celebrating at Wonderscope with special activities for Mom all weekend long! Where:...

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In Pursuit of Phat Thai

    Pad Thai, Phad Thai, Phat Thai… however you spell it.. I LOVE it! However you cook it…. well, that depends! For several years, I have been in love with the Pad Thai served at Red Snapper on Ward Parkway. The Thai fried rice noodles are just the right combination of spices for my pallet and it is one of the few foods I crave.     I have tried Pad Thai at many restaurants across the metro and LuLu’S Noodle Shop on Southwest Blvd. Serves my second favorite variation of the dish. Meanwhile, many Kansas City restaurants serve a bland, boring, uninteresting, and frankly… ewwww yuck… variety of the dish. I have to say, if you haven’t had EXCELLENT Pad Thai, you can’t accurately judge the dish and the difference is DRASTIC.      With my love for the dish and my...

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Something Old, Something New... 100 Years at the ZOO!

    I am always excited to see Kansas City repairing, restoring, preserving, and taking care of the treasures we HAVE instead of always building new and ignoring/neglecting the old. I'm thrilled to see a new improved Kauffman Stadium that preserves one of America's most BEAUTIFUL ballparks. I am amazed by the new Liberty Memorial. And I am completely in love with the Central Branch of the Kansas City Public Library housed in the former Federal Reserve Bank. It is wonderful to see these landmark locations alive and vibrant and useful!     Today, I was excited to visit the newest addition to the list of "restored/reused Kansas City Treasures".... the original 1909 Zoo Building has been converted into the all new Tropics exhibit! How appropriate to celebrate 100 years at the Zoo...

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It's Here!

    For months you plan and prepare. You pick colors. You lay everything out. You dream of what it will be like when it comes. You wonder what it will be like, what everyone will think when they finally meet the new arrival. Will they love and adore it? Will they be pleased? And, will it EVER come?     Many times in the web development process, I've compared building a new website to pregnancy and labor.... so much anticipation... so much wondering, "Will it ever come?".... so much work and preparation. Are we ever excited to say... "It's Here!"     After months building, designing, creating, and planning KCParent.com is live and  last night we CELEBRATED!     KCParent hosted a party at Antisdel's Photography Studio in Louisburg celebrating 24 years of Kansas City...

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Trying for a Boy?

    I am the mother of two beautiful girls. Two beautiful girls who are loved and adored by both of their parents, their grandparents, all family, all friends… my children are blessed with love.      Recently, we learned that we’re expecting again. We are overjoyed with the news. Most everyone we tell responds with congratulations and enthusiasm. However, there is one response I strongly dislike and repeatedly hear…. “Are you trying for a boy?”      Why do I dislike this reply? I dislike it because for us, gender has never and would never be a “goal,” “hope,” “wish” or “desire.” We believe God blesses us with children and He knows who belongs in our family. We adore both of our girls and would never wish one was a boy. If our next is a girl,...

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