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July 2009


It's Cast Removal Season...

    I was walking down the halls of the pediatrician's office with my youngest as I heard the sound of saws buzzing all around me. I asked the nurse about it and she said, 'It's Cast Season... or more specifically Cast Removal Season!" We're used to visiting the doctor during Cold and Flu Season. This was the first I'd heard of "Cast Season." As I pondered it, I realized that (just guessing) it's highly likely that I'll be experiencing that in my future with our second daughter.     Our oldest has experienced her share of bruised knees and accidents and even one visit to Children's Mercy, where she received 5 Star treatment, for stitches on her finger. However, it is my youngest who really keeps us on our toes. She's much more of a dare devil and, this summer, injuries seem...

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Summer is ending TOO soon!

    We're enjoying a wonderful summer as a family - a nice vacation, Royals games, Worlds of Fun, Festivals, and many many family outings around town, but I have to say "The Simple Things" are some of our favorites.     Sunday afternoon, we took the girls to Longview Lake Marina to feed the fish (we save the heals from our bread and any another stale pieces for fish and ducks). It was a beautiful day on the lake. The girls love the water, the rocking of the dock and the sheer excitement of the fish as they have a "Feeding Frenzy" fighting for every last crumb of bread. Daddy throws in a large pile of bread crumbs all at once and the carp attack it with full force. The girls then go into a "Giggling Frenzy" and Daddy is thrilled... just the reaction he was hoping for!...

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Element of Fun in Chore Time!

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game!" ~ Mary Poppins      As a parent, I find I'm always looking for a balance between teaching my children what they should do "because they should" be it eating vegetables, doing chores, brushing their teeth, or learning new things... and teaching them that doing those things can be enjoyable and rewarding. I want to raise children who are disciplined adults who continue to eat their veggies even when there is no cookie after dinner and brush their teeth even when the toothpaste no longer tastes like bubble gum. I'm counting on the fact that as adults they'll have come to learn that the reward in veggies is the nutritional value not yet grasped by my preschoolers.      So...

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Family Travel Tips

    We'll be embarking on vacation soon and it means a total of nearly nine hours in the car. As every mom of young children knows, that alone can spoil even the most fun vacation!      Note: These tips are for children in front facing car seats. I have no idea how to successfully pacify a rear facing child (and believe me we tried EVERYTHING). Extra Fun Packing: Custom Suitcase: We owned two toddler suitcases (both purchased at Garage Sales), but one broke on our last trip. My oldest desperately wanted a new princess suitcase. I couldn't justify spending extra for a Princess case that was poorly made and small, when I could buy a nicer quality suitcase that was just a bit larger for less. So, we let her choose a suitcase in her favorite color (pink of course), and then...

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Family Recipes

    I was fortunate to have two grandmas who were really terrific and loved me very much. They were also as different as night and day.     My mom's mom was more traditional. She is one of my best friends... we share the same faith and she has become one of my spiritual mentors. She does the "traditional" Grandma things, but with her own flare. She is a great cook. In the summer she would take me "Junkin'" (translation -hunting for treasures at Garage Sales). She taught me to clean. In fact, she has quite a collection of childhood photos of me dusting her furniture... first chair rungs when I was still in diapers (no exaggeration), and eventually things that she cannot reach (okay, that happened relatively early in my childhood - she's not quite 5 ft... shhhhhh she'll tell...

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