Sneak Peek: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City

It's here! The much-anticipated LEGOLAND Discovery Center, one of Kansas City's newest family-friendly attractions, opens to the public on Sunday, April 29 and we were able to get a sneak preview into the magical world of LEGO!

What You Need to Know BEFORE you Go:

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center is located next door to Sea Life Aquarium at 2475 Grand Avenue (across the street from Crown Center. Read our Tips for the Best Day at Crown Center before you go!). You may park in the Hall's Garage using the 25th St. Entrance by The American Restaurant. FREE Parking Validation is available for up to 6 hours at the LEGOLAND and Sea Life Admission Counters and Gift Shop.
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-8pm (last admission at 6pm) and Fri-Sat 10am-9pm (last admission at 7pm). Plan to spend 2-3 hours at LEGOLAND Discovery Center when you visit. The best time to visit to avoid crowds is weekday evenings.
  • Admission: $19/Adult; $15/Child plus tax. Save $2/ticket with this exclusive KC Parent LEGOLAND Coupon!
  • Children must wear socks when playing inside LEGO City. If you forget socks, you may purchase them for $1.25 in the Gift Shop.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted. The LEGO Cafe sells sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, pizza, fruit, soda, and more! Prices vary, but sandwiches and salads are $5/ea, A four person Pizza Combo is $30, and LEGO Box Lunches (with souvenir lunch box, sandwich, chips, and fruit) are $12.
  • Single strollers are welcome, but they ask that you do not bring double strollers.
  • For the Kindom Quest ride (an interactive ride where guests are on a mission to rescue a princess from trolls... they use laser guns to shoot the villains and save the Princess), guests under 4ft 3in. must be accompanied by an adult. For Merlin's magical Potion Room ride (a traditional spinning ride), guests under 4 ft. must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The visit ends with a stop in the Gift Shop where you may Pick a Brick choosing from every color in the rainbow to create your own bag of LEGOs for $10/100g, or purchase LEGO Boxes for $8, as well as many other LEGO kits, backpacks, toys, and products.

The Fun You'll Experience:

LEGOLAND Factory Tour:

Walk through a simulated LEGO Brick Factory with interactive displays allowing children to mix, heat, and mold LEGO Bricks. Each child receives a souvenir brick to take home!

Two Rides:

Kindom Quest: This is an interactive ride and contest. Use laser guns to shoot at trolls, spiders, bats, and skeletons on a quest to rescue the Princess. Compete with your friends to earn the highest score.

Merlins Magic Potion: This is a spinning ride enjoyed especially by young children.

LEGO Racers, LEGO Friends, and LEGO City:

Everyone knows that building with LEGOs is the real fun! Children can create their own racecar and test it on tracks with LEGO Racers. Or, they build their own dynamic structures and test them against an earthquake simulator for stability. Girls especially enjoying creating their own LEGO Friends.  LEGO City is a fun tunnel play area with giant soft sided LEGOs, a climbing zone, fireman's ladder, and a demolition ball swing.

DUPLO Village:

LEGOs largest bricks are provided in a special play area just for toddlers and preschoolers!

Other Favorites : LEGO Master Builder Academy & LEGO Studios

LEGO Master Builder Academy offers workshops where children learn the tricks of the LEGO-Building trade straight from Master Builder, Jeremiah Boehr. The workshops are included with admission. Each child is provided with a station, complete with the bricks needed for a project, and Jeremiah demonstrates the buiding techniques from the front of the class with his models projected on a large screen so students may see exactly how to create their own LEGO masterpieces! Be sure to take advantage of a Master Class on your visit!

The LEGO 4D Cinema is another fantastic attraction showing LEGO short films (10-15 min. in length) in 3-D with a 4-D experience generated by wind, mist, bubbles, and simulated experiences kids love!

LEGO Miniland:

LEGO Miniland depicts Kansas City's most iconic buildings created entirely from LEGO bricks. Best of all, the entire exhibit is interactive. Guests can control features including racing cars at the Kansas Speedway, playing music at a Starlight concert, operating a construction crane, and more! Cars drive, sirens blare, lights change (including KCP&L's lit tower), fountains work, boats float, and the entire city changes from day to night every 2-3 minutes. And, they even included a MINILAND Oz, complete with Munchkinland, the Emerald City, and the Witch's Castle! This was our favorite part of the entire LEGOLAND Discovery Center experience!


We are thrilled to see this new family-friendly attraction in Kansas City. It is a great addition to the Crown Center experience, be sure to use your $2 Off per Person Coupon from KC Parent!

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