Kansas City's U-Pick Farms

In Kansas City, we enjoy many “u-pick farms” across the metro area where you may pick blueberries, strawberries, apples, peaches, fresh vegetables and more. Summer is the season for delicious u-pick produce!

Please note, some farms from previous years are no longer in business or no longer offer u-pick. This list will get you started! If you know of a patch to add to the list, email Kristina@KCParent.com. This list may not be reprinted in print or online without permission.

Berry Picking Tips:

  • Call ahead or check the farm's Facebook Page (linked in the title of each farm) to verify picking times, as they vary from farm to farm. This is a MUST!
  • Remember comfortable shoes (you will be walking in fields) and wear sunscreen.
  • Bring bottled water and pack a picnic if the farm allows.
  • And, don’t forget your camera… children with blueberry smiles make a great photo op!

Fruit Picking Season:

  • Apples – August, September
  • Blackberries – July, August
  • Blueberries – June, July, August
  • Cherries – June
  • Peaches – August
  • Pears – August, September
  • Strawberries – May, June
  • Fall Blackberries – August, September, October
  • Fall Raspberries – August, September, October

CURRENTLY PICKING: Blueberries, Blackberries , Raspberries  and Cherries  (look for this symbol next to a farm to know that fruit is ready to pick).

Alldredge Orchards
Fruit: Apples, Peaches
Where: 10455 Hwy. N, Platte City, MO
Phone: 816.330.3448
Nearby: Visit Watkins Mill in Lawson, MO.
Tip: This orchard is especially scenic, bring the camera to capture the great views. 
Status: Expect apples this fall.


Benny's Berries
Fruit: Strawberries
Where: W. of 622 Kenneth Road, Kansas City, Missouri
Phone: 913.669.9272 or 785.418.5977
Status: Currently picking strawberries - Posted on their Facebook page 6/6/18: That’s a wrap folks!! Thanks so much for the wonderful short season of picking at Benny’s Berries! We greatly appreciate you and hope you have a berry good summer!!


Berry Hill U-Pick Farm
Fruit: Strawberries, Watermelon, Sunflowers, and in the future Blueberries and Blackberries
Where: 5840 SE Croco RD, Berryton, KS.
Phone: 785.633.7374.
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/17/18: Working on the farm today! Prepping the ground for Sunflowers! Watermelons and cantaloupe are looking like they will make it! Fingers crossed. Hope to see you Mid August and early September!

The Berry Patch
 Blueberries and blackberries
Where: 22509 State Line Rd., Cleveland, MO
Phone: 816.618.3771
Tip: The largest patch in the area, they update their phone line with the picking report regularly so you can visit on the prime picking days.
Status: We are now observing FULL SEASON HOURS!!! Tuesday-Friday 7am-9pm. And Saturday 7am-3pm. Upik price per pound: $3.90. Pre-picked price per pound: $4.90. Posted on their Facebook page 6/20/18: We will have fantastic picking tomorrow, June 21st, so come on out for some delicious blueberries fresh off the bush!!! Due to the intense heat, we anticipate having a shorter season this year (ending around mid July), so we are encouraging everyone to come out as early as they can. Pre-picked blueberries are still available!!! Upik: $3.90 /lbs Pre-picked: $4.90 /lbs


Bettie's Orchard at Turner Farm
 Apples & Cherries
Where: 19805 S. Moonlight Rd. Gardner, KS
Status: Expect apples mid-August


Buckeye Acres
Fruit: Strawberries and Blackberries
Where: 91 NE 600 Rd. Warrensburg, MO
Phone: 517.214.0927
Status: Currently picking strawberries - Posted on their Facebook page 6/15/18: The Blackberries are not quite ready yet. Just a picture to get you excited. It will be a couple weeks yet before you pick starts.


Cider Hill Family Orchard
Where: 3341 N. 139th St., Kansas City, KS
Phone: 913.721.2507
Nearby: The Legends Shopping Center.
Status: Expect apples this fall. Bring a fishing pole and picnic for a day of fun. 


Cy and Dee’s Blackberry Farm
Blackberries, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn
Where: 28615 Rockville Rd., Louisburg, KS
Phone: 913.731.2324
Nearby: Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary. Make it a day trip with our Louisburg tips. 
Status: Expect blackberries mid-July.


Fahrmeier Farms
Fruit: Strawberries and Blackberries
Where: 9133 County Farm Rd, Lexington, MO
Phone: 816.289.2496
Nearby: Battle of Lexington Historic Site.
Status: Currently picking strawberries. Posted on their Facebook page 6/10/18: Strawberry season is never long enough. This year had some challenges but we are looking forward to blackberry season which is right around the corner!


Foxfire Farm
Fruit: Strawberries
Where: 7195 W 327th St, Louisburg, KS.
Phone: 913.837.1475
Nearby: Louisburg Cider Mill
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/2/18: Our strawberry picking season has come to a close. As expected it was a short season but with very good berries. Sharon, Robyn, all the folks who help at Foxfire Farms and myself want to thank all of you who visited our humble acreage this spring. Ya'll have a great and safe summer! Carl.


Gieringer’s Orchard
Strawberries, snap peas, blueberries, blackberries, peaches. (other fresh produce available for sale). This family-friendly farm allows picnics. 
Where: 39675 W. 183rd St., Edgerton, KS
Phone: 913.893.9626
Nearby: Lanesfield School Historic Site.
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/15/18: BLUEBERRY, CAULIFLOWER, BLACKBERRY & PEACH UPDATE!
We only have a few varieties of blueberries that are ready to be picked. It's not enough for public picking but we are picking what is ripe and they will be available tomorrow, 6/16/18 at the Overland Park Farmers Marketalong with our cheddar & purple cauliflower. Many of you have asked about peaches and blackberries. They are both coming along beautifully. We expect a better than average crop this year so start locating your favorite recipes (we would love it if you would share them) and keep checking our FB page for updates on their opening days. You'll be the first to know!


Happy Valley Farm
Fruit: Blueberries, Rhubarb, Cherries, Grapes, Gooseberries
Where: 29080 W. 95th, De Soto, KS
Phone: 913.706.0370
Status: Blueberry picking time. Posted on their Facebook page 6/17/18: Happy Fathers Day! We have beautiful blueberry bushes in our nursery, and Day Lillie’s are beginning to bloom! Give Dad the gift that keeps on giving! We are Open until 6pm every day.


Johnson Farms Plants and Pumpkins
Fruit: Strawberries, apples, fresh vegetables, pumpkins.
Where: 17701 S State Route D, Belton, MO.
Phone: 816.331.1067
Status:  Posted on their Facebook page 5/31/18: See you in September for Apples and pumpkins!


,John & Linda's U-Pick Farm
Fruit: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries.
Where: 2428 Texas Prairie Rd, Bates City, MO.
Phone: 816.690.6293
Status:. Posted on their Facebook page 6/18/18: What we have available now: Blueberries, Blackberries, Potatoes, Garlic, etc. Hrs 8am till 7pm. We accept cash or checks. Please call ahead for availability, 816-690-6293


Meulebeke Market
Fruit: Strawberries and vegetables
Where: Prairie Star Parkway and Ridgeview Rd, Lenexa, KS.
Phone: 913.208.4386
Status:Currently picking strawberries. Posted on their Facebook page 6/6/18Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first strawberry season!! We’ll see ya next year! Stay tuned for updates on veggies  🍅 🥒 🌽


Mule Barn Berries
Fruit: Blackberries
Where: 223 NE Mule Barn Rd, Lathrop, MO
Phone: 816.528.4633
Status: Expect picking mid-July.


 Oregon Trail Farm
Fruit: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries (all pesticide & herbicide free)
Where: 19022 Santa Fe Trail, Leavenworth, KS
Phone: 520.249.0480
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/14/18: A late spring and drought like conditions slowed things down but the berries are finally ready to pick! We'll open Friday, June 15 from 0900-1700. We'll have blueberries and raspberries. You-Pick Blueberries - $4.00 a pound. You-Pick Raspberries - $5.00 a pound. You-Pick Blackberries - $5.00 a pound. Also available for purchase Fresh Eggs - $3.00 a dozen. Honey 1 lb bottles - $9.00.


  Pome on the Range
Fruit: Cherries & Apples
Where: 2050 Idaho Rd., Williamsburg, KS.
Phone: 785.746.5492
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/15/18: Our cherries will be ready to pick tomorrow (Saturday, June 16th), however, PLEASE CALL AHEAD!!! 785-746-5492 We have had much more interest this year than we have supply available. Please Note: Our FB page is for general information only. If you have specific questions about product availability or scheduling tours or events you HAVE to call the orchard directly: 785-746-5492. The admin of Pome on the Range's FB page does not work at the orchard and does not always have the most up to date information.


Red Barn Ranch
Fruit: Strawberries, Blackberries, Vegetables
Where: S. Hwy. 169 & FF, St. Joseph, MO
Phone: 816.258.1797
Tip: Make it a day trip and read our tips.
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 4/13/18: As our planting season did not go as planned, we will not have a strawberry crop this year. We would highly recommend Buckeye Acres in Warrensburg and Farhmeier Farms in Lexington. We should be back in the strawberry business next season. We are going to use the current strawberry field for our pumpkin patch this fall. We cannot wait for everyone to see what Matt has up his sleeve this year for the Red Barn Ranch!


Salt Creek Valley Farms
Fruit: Strawberries & Vegetables
Where: 17842 Santa Fe Trail, Leavenworth, KS.
Phone: 913.428.9450.
Nearby: C.W. Parker Carousel Museum.
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/12/18: Everything is looking beautiful......it won't be long now! A few more weeks of growing and we will welcome you to the farm to pick-your-own!


Schweizer Orchards
 Sweet corn, apples, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, cherries (they pick the cherries), blackberries. (other fresh produce available for sale)
Where: S. Hwy. 169 & FF, St. Joseph, MO
Phone: 816.232.3999
Nearby: Patee House Museum
Tip: Make it a day trip and read our tips.
Status: Posted on their Facebook page 6/14/18: Schweizer Orchards will open for the 2018 season on Monday, June 18th! We can't wait to see you! (U-Pick fruits coming soon.)


Spanish Garden Berry Farm
Fruit: Strawberries, Raspberries
Where: 8740 92 Hwy., Platte City, MO
Phone: 816.582.3398
Status: Follow their Facebook page: They have not posted for the 2018 season yet.


Wagon Wheel Orchard
Apples, peaches, plums, pears
Where: 15380 Edgerton Rd., Gardner, KS
Phone: 913.893.6050
Nearby: Lanesfield School Historic Site
Tip: Make an appointment to pick at this orchard.
Status: Expect picking mid-summer.


Weston Orchard & Vineyard
Fruit: Strawberries, cherries & apples
Where: 18545 Co Rd H, Weston, MO. 
Phone: 402.209.4117
Nearby: Weston State Park
Tip: Read our Weston day trip tips.
Status: Currently picking strawberries. Posted on their Facebook page 6/16/18: Our u-pick cherries are all sold out! You can still come on out for some pre picked cherries that are frozen and already pitted for you! Available in quarts, 5 pound, or 10 pound bags. See you soon!


Wohletz Farm Fresh
Strawberries are u-pick. Other produce available in their market.
Where: 1831 N. 1100 Rd., Lawrence, KS
Phone: 785.331.3468
Nearby: KU Natural History Museum
Tip: Read our Lawrence day trip tips.
Status: Currently picking strawberries. posted on the Wohletz Farm Fresh Facebook page 6/4/18 This evening will be the last picking of the season! We are open 6-8 tonight, June 4th. Come on out to pick what’s left in the field. As they say.... we’ve saved the best for last.


This list will get you started! If you know of a farm to add to the list, email Kristina@KCParent.com. This list may not be reprinted in print or online without permission.


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