Weston Orchard and Vineyard Pumpkin Patch... and Why We Love It!

2017 Edition

Weston Orchard and Vineyard Pumpkin Patch

We love one of the newest pumpkin patches in the area, Weston Orchard & Vineyard

When you first arrive, you can tell it's a new patch. The entrance isn't complete yet, and they are still building the retail store and working on the site. However, the key elements are there and they are GREAT!

Many of our readers tell us that they are looking for a REAL pumpkin patch, with pumpkins on the vine, and a REAL hayride... and an awesome bonus is a chance to enjoy apple picking too. Weston Orchard & Vineyard has all that and more. Enjoy your favorite attractions including a jumping pillow, corn maze, zip line, corn crib, hayride and more.

Admission includes: Zip line and Obstacle course, Corn Maze, Jumping Pillow, Rat Racers, Hay Bale Mountain, Hay Ride to Pumpkin Patch, Photo Ops, and Corn Crib.

What you Pay for at Weston Orchard & Vineyard (all optional):

  • Apples you pick ($2/lb).... we picked red delicious apples near the pumpkin patch and they were GIGANTIC and delicious! These were the prettiest, tastiest, BEST apples we have ever picked at a u-pick orchard (and our family visits most/all local orchards every year). They offer six varieties of apples at the orchard.
  • Pumpkins you pick (.35/lb)... they had all sizes. We saw pumpkins that were easily over 100lb on the vine.
  • Goodies at their store... they sell preserves, pickled fruits and veggies, salsa, caramel apples, and fall decor.
  • In the shop you'll find Mini pumpkins: $0.75/each, Small gourds: $0.75/each, Large gourds: $2.00/each
  • Shooting apples to launch from the apple cannon.

Weston Orchard & Vineyard 18545 Co Rd H Weston, Missouri, 402.209.4117. Open 9am-5pm Daily thru the season.

Owner/operator Erik Olson is developing a beautiful plot of land into an agritourism attraction in Weston. Atop one of the bluffs overlooking Weston, MO, the view of the apple orchard, vineyard, and pumpkin patch, is beautiful. With family-friendly fun and quality attractions, this is a new favorite for Kansas City families.

So, what is a visitor to expect at Weston Orchard & Vineyard?

Some of our Favorite Features at Weston Orchard & Vineyard Pumpkin Patch:

The REAL Pumpkin Patch AND Apple Orchard! With GIANT pumpkins (up to 100 lbs), and smaller pumpkins (if you're like us, every child wants their own pumpkin), this was a beautiful patch with on-the-vine pumpkins to pick. At .35/lb their prices were very reasonable. Enjoy a hayride out to the patch and ride past the apple trees and grape vines. You may pick apples also at $2/lb. We found beautiful, large, red delicious apples near the patch. There are many varieties of apples and the availability of varieties will change throughout the season. Our family chose a medium sized pumpkin and four small bags of apples. Then, we rode the wagon back up the hill to the shop. 

The play areas! At Weston Orchard & Vineyard, we parked at the top of the hill near the shop tent. On one side, we found photo ops, an apple cannon, and jumping pillow... then you walk over that hill a bit and find the rat racers, corn crib, hay mountain, and pick up for hayrides. On the other side of the parking lot, we found the obstacle course and zipline and entrance to the corn maze. 

The Jumping Pillow: The jumping pillow was FANTASTIC. My girls said it was one of the springiest jumping pillows ever. 

The Corn Crib: The corn crib is large and fun. This classic pumpkin patch attraction is well done and a fave for kids. My girls will always play in corn cribs as long as possible and this was no exception.

The Rat Racers: The rat racers are unique! This was our first time to try them and the girls loved them... you race your friends to see who can run fastest inside their tube to the finish line.

The Hay Bale Mountain: Kids love to climb the tower of hay!

Fun Photo Ops: This is a pumpkin patch must and these are really cute and well done.

The Apple Cannon: Children launch apples at the target... this is the only attraction with an additional fee.

The Corn Maze: The corn maze is a simple maze. They don't provide maps or clues, but you don't need them. There are dead-ends and twists and turns, but we still completed the maze in less than 10-minutes... IDEAL for young children and families. 

The Zipline and Obstacle Course: This fun play area offers fun obstacles. The kids enjoyed racing to see who could complete the course first.

Tips before You Visit Weston Orchard & Vineyard:

  • Read the Weston Orchard & Vineyard listing for complete details, hours, pricing, and map!
  • We spent 3 hours at the patch.
  • Read our Pumpkin Patch tips for what to bring, what to wear, and more!
  • Bring money for Pumpkins and Veggies you pick.
  • Be sure to include a visit to the Orchard on your itinerary when you head to Weston for Applefest (Oct. 7-8)! 

Our girls were excited to add Weston Orchard & Vineyard to our family's fall fun this year! 

This locally owned and operated farm is beautiful and the attractions are very well done. And, you simply can't beat the price! We highly recommend this patch to KC Parent readers... tell them we sent you and tell your friends!

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