Summer Memories at Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun has been a part of my summertime memories for as long as I can remember. As a child, the Zambezi Zinger was my very first roller coaster. I remember riding the Timberwolf on its opening day. As a teen, I was a season pass holder riding coasters for days on end. And, now, as a mother of four ride-loving daughters it is still a summer tradition I love.

Last week, a team of KC Parent writers to experience all that Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun (now both parks are enjoyed with one ticket) have to offer. We met Snoopy, our crew rode coasters, we enjoyed classic rides (I'll always love Viking Voyager) and new rides (my girls give Falcon's Flight and Mustang Runner two thumbs up), we cooled off in the wave pool at Oceans of Fun and we enjoyed lunch at the restaurants. It was a great day!

Some tips for the day:

  1. If you plan to visit both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in one day, you may rent a locker to store your things or you may get a handstamp as you come and go from your car with a bag. Bring towels and change of clothing. You may wear swimsuit and a swim cover up at Worlds of Fun. Oceans of Fun requires swimwear for their attractions.
  2. You may bring one sealed bottle of water per person. There are water fountains throughout the park for refills. When we visited, it was especially hot, so they frequently reminded guests over the loud speakers to drink plenty of water. As a mom, I appreciated the reminder for my family.
  3. Worlds of Fun offers meal deals so you may get the most bang for your food buck. Look at those packages for the best value for your family. Packages include all season or all day meals or drink refills. This is the best value when eating at the parks.
  4. Remember your sunscreen and apply often.
  5. Children can be officially measured and receive a wristband within Guest Relations to save time and negate the need to be measured at each ride. Planet Snoopy’s 20+ attractions require a minimum of 36”.
  6. You may bring a stroller or wagon if needed for your family, or they have them for rent as well.
  7. You'll find the best value on Worlds of Fun tickets if you purchase them online in advance.
  8. You may bring a picnic and eat at picnic spaces in the parking lot. This requires exiting and re-entering the park with a handstamp.
  9. The Worlds of Fun app provides information including ride height requirements, a map, and show schedules.
  10. Check the Worlds of Fun Calendar for special events including fireworks for Celebrate America over the 4th of July, Military Discounts, Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, WinterFest and more!

My family includes four girls ages 11, 9, 7. and 5. They rode every coaster they could (though my five year old was only tall enough for Spinning Dragons - but that was okay by her!), and they played at Oceans of Fun. With the variety of ages, interests and sizes in our family - we loved spending time at both parks. At times we rode together (Viking Voyager, Sea Dragon, time at Oceans of Fun) and sometimes we split up into groups with older kids riding big thrill rides while the younger set headed with a parent to Planet Snoopy. This worked out well and everyone had a blast. It's great to have a place to take the entire family and watch everyone have a great time. We were there from open to close and all four girls are eager to go back!

During our visit, we did find that a couple rides had delayed opening for the day (Viking Voyager didn't open until 11am, the park opens at 10am), and Fury of the Nile didn't open until the afternoon. We were able to ride both once they opened and the kids loved that.

Our family visits every theme park in Missouri each year, and one thing I really appreciate about Worlds of Fun is Planet Snoopy. Planet Snoopy is the BEST kids section we've found at an amusement park because: a) the kids can ride everything (a few - i.e. the kiddie coaster - require an adult passenger with them). We love that Worlds of Fun chose rides for Planet Snoopy with a consistent height requirement so the rides that are appealing to my kids, they can ride.The layout in Planet Snoopy is great - when the park is not crowded, I can easily watch two kids on two rides side by side, they have lots of benches for parents, the aisles are wide and easy to navigate, they offer a great variety of attractions (kid coaster, swings, cars, moon bounce, foam blasters, kid monorail, spinning rides, and more) and MOST of all we LOVE meeting the Peanuts gang! Costumed Peanuts Characters roam Planet Snoopy throughout the day and perform on stage as well. Planet Snoopy features a family building with large bathrooms, changing tables, a nursing / baby feeding room, and a play room when you need a little rest in the day. The main building is home to a gift shop and the Peanuts theater. I am a big fan of Planet Snoopy for the quality of fun my little ones enjoy and the atmosphere (most relaxed at an amusement park) for parents.

In addition to Planet Snoopy, my older girls and husband enjoyed all the roller coasters (Mamba is their favorite) - the number one reason to visit Worlds of Fun. My girls love all the coasters and rides.

Our family enjoys Worlds of Fun a few times each year, and we visit Oceans of Fun from time to time - this was our first time to enjoy both parks in one day. With especially hot summer weather during our visit, we really loved visiting Oceans of Fun in the afternoon to cool off. The wave pool was the favorite, but the slides, kayaks, and lazy river were terrific too. It makes a great break in the day to be able to enjoy both. With the summer temps, we loved both parks!


Some memories from KC Parent Families on our Day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun:

  • Emily (age 11): "I love Worlds of Fun so much! Coasters are my favorite, but Oceans of Fun was amazing too. My mom and I have great memories on Viking Voyager. I can't wait to go back."
  • Kayla (age 9): "We had the best time at Worlds of Fun! I also love roller coasters, but all the rides are fun."
  • Brielle (age 7): "Mamba is the best! The new rides were really cool too. I just wish I was tall enough to drive the taxis!" 
  • Lucy (age 5): "So many rides in Planet Snoopy have my name on them! I love all the rides... but even though I tried Spinning Dragons, it was a little scary. I want to go back to Worlds of Fun tomorrow."
  • Ron (dad): "I love spending the day with my kids riding rides together like I enjoyed. Our family is a ride family, which makes Worlds of Fun great for us!"
  • Kristina (mom): "Growing up going to Worlds of Fun and watching the changes over the years, I love making memories with my own family at the theme park and watching the excitement on my girls' faces as they enjoy summer fun!"
  • Lauren (mom): "It was a treat to spend the day with my boys at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, they all loved it!"
  • Stacey (mom): "My girls loved it so much, we're thinking about season passes in the future."
  • Caleb (age 5): "I liked the train ride!" (Snoopy's Junction)
  • Abby (age 5): Sally's Swing Set and the Team Charlie Brown Show
  • Elijah (age 5): Snoopy's Rocket Express
  • Ellie (age 5): "I like the fast ones!" Her favorite things in order of preference: 1) Hugging Lucy Van Pelt. 2) The Team Charlie Brown Show. 3) The Woodstock Whirlybirds.
  • Sean (dad): He liked the Woodstock Whirlybirds best, the family memories and how much fun the kids had!

More Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun Blog posts from our team of Writers:

Photos from our team of Writers:

Meeting Snoopy & Linus

Two thumb's up for the new Falcon's Flight

Worlds of Fun is beautiful AND fun!

Kids had a blast at Oceans of Fun!

These boys love Oceans of Fun!

The wave pool at Oceans of Fun is a favorite! The waves simulate a real ocean experience.

More fun at Oceans of Fun

The glider at Planet Snoopy is popular with all ages.

Riding Taxis

Enjoying time with friends.

In addition to the new rides, there are plenty of classics!

Mapping out the day

These boys had a blast!

What a great day with friends!

Still enjoying the park all evening!


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