Stocking Stuffer ideas from A to Z

"Here Comes Santa Claus... right down Santa Claus Lane!" If Santa is in need of inspiration this year, we created this list of fun stocking stuffers from A to Z for all ages!


·         Almost Everyone: Art Supplies, Aprons (novelty designs)

·         Little Ones: Animal Crackers, Animals (wooden, plastic or stuffed toys)

·         Older Kids: Airplanes, Astronaut Ice Cream

·         Teens & Adults: Apron


·         Almost Everyone: Balls, Books, Blue Ray Movies, Batteries

·         Little Ones: Bubble Bath, Blocks, Bib

·         Older Kids: Beads, Binoculars, Bird Feeder Kit, Barbie dolls, Bento Boxes

·         Teens & Adults: Barbecue Sauce, Bath Beads, Body Wash, Burts Bees


·         Almost Everyone: Chocolate, Candy

·         Little Ones: Crayons, Chuck E. Cheese Tokens, Cars, Coloring Book, Cereal (small boxes), Color forms

·         Older Kids: Colored pencils, Cupcake wrappers / Cake Mix / Icing / Sprinkles (to bake together), Comic Books

·         Teens & Adults: Craft Kits, Computer Games, CDs, Cologne, Calendar, Crossword Puzzles



·         Almost Everyone: DVDs, Dollars

·         Little Ones: Dolls, Doll Accessories, Doll Clothes,

·         Older Kids: Dance Dance Revolution

·         Teens & Adults: Deck of cards, Dominoes



·         Almost Everyone: Erasers

·         Little Ones: Elmo toys

·         Older Kids: Etch-a-sketch, Easy Bake Oven Mixes

·         Teens & Adults: Earrings


·         Almost Everyone: Flashlight, Fruit

·         Little Ones: Foam Stickers, Finger Paints, Face Paint, Flash Cards, Feather Boas

·         Older Kids: Fuzzy socks

·         Teens & Adults: Farkle, Fishing Lures, Fandango Gift Cards


·         Almost Everyone: Gum, Games, Gloves, Gummy Bears

·         Little Ones: Golden Books

·         Older Kids: Glitter, Goop, Glow Sticks, Gyroscope

·         Teens & Adults: Gel Pens, Gadgets, Guitar picks and strings, Gasoline gift cards


·         Almost Everyone: Hat, Hair accessories, Hot Cocoa mix

·         Little Ones: Hot Wheels

·         Older Kids: Harmonica

·         Teens & Adults: Hexbugs, Hand sanitizer, Headphones


·         Almost Everyone: Iced Sugar Cookies, Ice Cream Gift Cards

·         Little Ones: I Spy Books

·         Older Kids: Ink pens

·         Teens & Adults: Ice Breakers, iTunes Gift Card


·         Almost Everyone: Jigsaw Puzzles, Jewelry, Jelly Bellies, Jolly Ranchers

·         Little Ones: Jammies

·         Older Kids: Jacks, Jump Rope, Juggling kit

·         Teens & Adults: Jenga, Jump Drive, Journal, Jimmy John’s Gift Card


·         Almost Everyone: Kitchen Tools (for kids or adults)

·         Little Ones: Kazoo, Kaleidoscope

·         Older Kids: Klutz Books

·         Teens & Adults: Key Chain


·         Almost Everyone: Life Savers (look for the Life Saver Christmas books), Lollipops

·         Little Ones: Little People, Leg Warmers, Lullaby CD

·         Older Kids: Littlest Pet Shop Toys, LaLaLoopsy toys, Lip Smackers, LEGO

·         Teens & Adults: Lotion, Loofah, LED Booklight


·         Almost Everyone: Money, Movie Tickets, Music, Magazines, Mittens

·         Little Ones: Mega Blocks, Magic Noodles, Mini Magna Doodle

·         Older Kids: Marbles, Matchbox Cars, My Little Ponies, Markers, Magic Tricks, Mad Libs

·         Teens & Adults: Make Up, Model building kits, Mirror


·         Almost Everyone: Nuts, Nerds Candy

·         Little Ones: Night light

·         Older Kids: Nutcracker, Nerf toys, Nintendo Games

·         Teens & Adults: Necklaces, Nail Polish


·         Almost Everyone: Oreos, Ornaments

·         Little Ones: Oscar the Grouch toy, Old Maid

·         Older Kids: One Direction CD or poster

·         Teens & Adults: Old Spice for men, Oklahoma Joe’s Gift Card


·         Almost Everyone: Pencils, Purse

·         Little Ones: Play Dough, Puppets, Paper Dolls, Pull Back Monster Trucks

·         Older Kids: Polly Pockets, Pez Dispensers, Playstation Games

·         Teens & Adults: Perfume, Poster, Pocket Knife, Protein Bars


·         Almost Everyone: Quarters,  Quality Time (coupon for a fun outing)

·         Little Ones: Queen’s crown for dress up

·         Older Kids: Quill pen (for American Girl and history fans)

·         Teens & Adults: Quik Trip Gift Card


·         Almost Everyone: Rice Krispy Treats

·         Little Ones: Rattle

·         Older Kids: Rainbow Loom bands, Ribbons, Race Car, Radio-controlled cars

·         Teens & Adults: Rubik’s Cube


·         Almost Everyone: Socks, Scented Soaps, Scarf

·         Little Ones: Stuffed Animals, Sipper Cups, Sandwich shapes cutters

·         Older Kids: Silly Putty, Stickers, Smencils, Slinky, Silly String, Super Hero Action Figures, Silly Bandz, Shrinky Dinks, Scratch & Sketch Books, Squinkees

·         Teens & Adults: Stamps, Soduko Book, Stationary, Scrapbook Supplies


·         Almost Everyone: Toothbrush, Tervis travel cups, Tickets (to a sporting event, movie, concert, show)

·         Little Ones: Top, Tub Toys

·         Older Kids: Trading Cards, Transformers, Travel Games

·         Teens & Adults: Tic Tacs, Tea


·         Almost Everyone: Umbrella, Underwear, Uno

·         Little Ones: Ugly Dolls

·         Older Kids: Unicorns

·         Teens & Adults: Unforked Gift Card


·         Almost Everyone: Video Games

·         Little Ones: Veggie Tales, View Master (and View Master slides)

·         Older Kids: Vanilla Lipsmackers

·         Teens & Adults: Vanilla tea


·         Almost Everyone: Willy Wonka Candy, Wizard of Oz film and fan stuff

·         Little Ones: Wand, Wikki Stix, Weebles, Wiggles music, Washcloth (character washcloths at the Dollar Store)

·         Older Kids: Webkinz, Watch, Word Search Book, Wii Games

·         Teens & Adults: Wallet, Watch, Washi tape


·         Almost Everyone: xBox Games, and that’s all we’ve got, because c’mon who really wants a Xylophone or an X-Ray in their stocking?


·         Almost Everyone: Yogurt Bites

·         Little Ones: Yo Gabba Gabba

·         Older Kids: Yo-Yo

·         Teens & Adults: Yogurt Shop gift card


·         Almost Everyone: Zoo Tickets, Zero bar

·         Little Ones: Zebra toy, Z Wind Ups

·         Older Kids: Zhu Zhu Pets, Zingo Game, Zoobles, Zoob bot

·         Teens & Adults: Zippo hand warmer

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