Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

It is the debut year for Kansas City's newest pumpkin patch, the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney! While it may be their first year in operation, you wouldn't believe it after spending a day enjoying their attractions. In fact, as a blogger who visits many many pumpkin patches every year, I was extremely impressed with the beautiful Fun Farm, their red barns, helpful staff, great attractions, and scenic set up...  the family purchased the land in May and opened this fall to their first great season of pumpkin fun. They are entering the scene as a fantastic and professional operation.

Beyond the fun of the jumping pillow and the LARGEST corn crib we've ever enjoyed, they have acres and acres of beautiful pumpkins in every shape, size, and color... perhaps the prettiest patch in the area!

At the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch, you'll enjoy Barrel Train, Campfire Pits, Corn Crib, Giant Corn Maze, Hayrides, Jumbo Jumper, Kids’ Tricycle Track, Playground, Pumpkin Cannon, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Slingshot, Rubber Duck Races.

So, what was our day like at Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney?

Some of our Favorite Features at the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch:

The Real GIANT Pumpkin Patch! This patch is spectacular... the camera does not do it justice. Acres and acres of pumpkins in every shape, size, and color imaginable. Fall! 

Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

The Corn Crib! This was the largest corn crib we've ever enjoyed. The corn is probably 3-4 feet deep and the crib is the size of a giant event tent.... so much fun! 

The Beautiful Animals and Barns. The Fun Farm uses the red barn theme throughout their attraction with beautiful barns for each animal and exhibit.

 Barrel Train! The cow themed barrel train rides were included in admission!

The amazing selection of pumpkins, squash, and gourds. It is a tradition for our oldest daughter to select a "Lumpy Bumpy Guy" (warty pumpkin) every year. This year, she found the perfect one at the Fun Farm.

Lots of Fun places to play! The trike track, playground, jumping pillow, rubber duck races... so many fun things to explore.

The Pumpkin Cannon. Watching Pumpkins launch into the air and go... SPLAT is just as much fun as it sounds!

The Pumpkin Donuts! These mini donuts were a bit crispy and extra delish!

Tips before You Visit the Fun Farm:

  • Read the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Listing for complete details, hours, pricing, and map! 
  • We spent 2-3 hours at the patch, for added admission you may purchase a combo pass and enjoy the corn maze.
  • Read our Pumpkin Patch tips for what to bring, what to wear, and more!
  • Bring money for additional attractions: Rubber Duck Races, Corn Maze
  • Bring money for Pumpkins.
  • Bring money for concessions. The pumpkin donuts were great. They also sell hot dogs, nachos, and other goodies.

We were extremely impressed with the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch and enjoyed adding it to this year's bucket list!

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