MNO at Got Art Gallery

Once in a while it's fun to get those creative juices flowing... do something out of the ordinary. Recently, a friend and I signed up for a painting class at Got Art Gallery in Lee's Summit. We were able to visit, paint, create, and leave with our very own one-of-a-kind works of art!

Got Art Gallery

18 SW 3rd St. Lee's Summit, MO.
Gallery Hours:
Tues- Sat noon-4pm
Gallery Contact:


The studio offers a variety of art classes: Oil Painting, Acrylic, Drawing, and Children's Classes - visit the Got Art Gallery website for information. For our Moms' Night Out (a.k.a. MNO) we participated in a BYOB Creative Canvas Class: "Bring a bottle of your favorite wine or other refreshments and grab your friends, coworkers, or make it a unique date night and join us for an evening of entertaining art instruction. The best part is you will go home with a painting you can call “uniquely yours." One of our instructors will guide you through step by step recreating the featured nights painting. It’s easy, fun, and totally stress free. By the end of the night you will be amazed at the artwork you have created!"

How It Works:

Maybe you've noticed a Facebook Post or two with friends at a trendy shop painting away and enjoying hors d'oeuvres... it looks cool, but you're not sure you're up to the challenge and you can't think of a dozen pals to paint with. Paint Classes and studios have been popping up around town (Colors & Bottles, Pinot's Palette, Grapes & Paints, Thirsty Palette, and even local galleries that offer BYOB classes like Got Art Gallery). Each location offers classes you may sign up for individually or with a friend (recommended) - OR you may book a party for a group (child or adult birthday parties, baby or wedding showers, or just a night out with friends). 

Step 1: Decide to either book a party and assemble a group, OR choose to participate in one of their public nights (you can go by yourself and meet new friends, or bring a friend, spouse, or relative to join you. TIP: Some offer Parent/Child and Couples nights with a "pair of paintings"!). If you plan a party, you will choose one painting and everyone creates the same thing - each selecting their own colors and personal touches to make it unique. If you attend a public night, visit the calendar for the shop to see samples of the painting choices and choose to attend according to the schedule that works for you and the work of art that inspires you. We chose to attend on a night to paint Kandinsky Inspired Trees - it looked like a simple enough project and the colors allowed great freedom in the result.

Step 2: Visit the company Facebook Pages, Groupon, Entertainment Book, etc - check for coupons. We were able to purchase a Groupon for our class!

Step 3: Make reservations.

At the Class: Bring your own refreshments and snacks. You might consider the work of art in advance and think about where you'd like to display it and which colors to use. I think I spent almost as much time choosing colors as I did painting! Take some photos while you're painting - we forgot to do this!

The teacher at the class explains each step thoroughly and helps you choose colors. The class works step by step to complete the project. We appreciated that our instructor was clear about the ways you could be flexible in choosing your own colors, style and layout for the art. In our class, some chose bright vibrant jewel tones, others chose pastels, one chose a beautiful purple and black landscape - each was different and each artist was successful!

Both of us had a great time and we hope to do it again. I've already signed up for classes with my daughters this summer!

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