Natural Wonders of Kansas City

It’s time to slap on the sunscreen and don the tennis shoes or hiking boots and go discover your outdoor Kansas City!  So many natural wonders surround the area, all enhanced by being only a short trek away and as varied as the people of our city.

Whether you enjoy water, flowers, rocks, mountains or bird watching, you won’t have to look hard to discover your passion. In fact, many of the greatest hiking trails on earth are located in the Kansas City area.

White Tail Trail in Parkville Nature Sanctuary

Parkville Nature Sanctuary, located below the Platte County Health Department, 12th & Highway 9

This stunning 3-mile loop trail features a waterfall and is the perfect nature getaway in this urban forest. However, the waterfall means it's a little more popular than other trails around Kansas City, so don't expect to have a day to yourself here.

Fox Hollow Trail in Swope Park

East Meyer Boulevard & Swope Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Swope Park is the most convenient area for many Kansas Citians to get outdoors. Of course, being in the city doesn't make the natural area any less beautiful. This tiny 0.3-mile trail loop is an ideal place to enjoy nature.


Cave Spring Historic Site & Nature Center

8701 E. Gregory, Kansas City, MO

These dirt hiking trails feature three loops of different lengths. Along the trail you will see remains of old cabins, creeks, ponds and a small cave with a spring in it. Old stone fireplaces still stand, although the houses that once surrounded them have crumbled away. Once owned by President Harry Truman’s maternal grandfather, the park (also known as William M. Klein Park) is now owned by Jackson County and is operated by a 250-member Cave Spring Association. Today, visitors can enjoy nature center exhibits, 4 miles of walking trails, a water garden, campground and educational programs.

Maple Woods Natural Area Trail in Maple Woods Nature Preserve

2603-2617 NE 76th St., Gladstone, MO

Maple Woods is an apt name for this trail, and the scenery here is amazing. The moss-lined paths and forest area make this 1-mile loop a perfect little stroll.


Mountain Bike Trail in Swope Park

6599, 5601 Oakwood Rd., Kansas City, MO

For those who like to explore on wheels rather than on foot, this mountain bike trail in Swope Park is the best around. It's under 5 miles so it won't take long, but the beautiful path and scenery are sure slow you down a bit. It's another great place to get away from the concrete when you need to relax.




Judy Goppert enjoys the beauty of the Kansas City area.

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