North, South, East, West… These Are the Parks We Like the Best

One of the best things about Kansas City is its wealth of wonderful parks and playgrounds for families! These parks were all chosen for their exceptional playgrounds.

TIP: This list is just the beginning! Kansas City boasts many more fabulous parks and you can find them with our feature “Best Parks in Kansas City!

North: Penguin Park

  • Where to find Penguin Park: N. Vivion Rd. & N. Norton Ave., Kansas City, MO
  • Amenities: One shelter house with picnic tables, restrooms and playgrounds for all ages (swings, slides, climbing equipment, merry-go-round, spring animals and more). The 1.88-mile Lakewood Greenway Trail runs through the park.
  • Why it's one of the COOLEST parks in Kansas City: Penguin Park is the definitive "cool park." It is no coincidence that every time we ask our readers about the BEST parks in Kansas City, Penguin Park always makes the list! If we asked children to create a playground of their dreams, they'd create Penguin Park. Gigantic friendly animals are the centerpiece of the park, where you can climb up through a kangaroo's pocket, slide down a penguin, explore an elephant playground and bounce and slide on frogs, ducks and more. If you live within 5 to 10 minutes of Penguin Park, you probably play there often. If you have a bit of a drive, as we do, you'll soon find this is one park worth a trip!

South: Brumble’s Forest at Meadowmere Park

  • Where to find Meadowmere Park: 13610 Byars Rd., Grandview, MO
  • Amenities: The park is home to Grandview’s The View Community Center. Currently, the park contains a playground, several shelters, a skate park, an outdoor pool, multipurpose fields, a practice backstop and several areas of open turf. The park also has a multipurpose trail that connects to a larger country trail system ending at Longview Lake.
  • Why it’s one of the COOLEST parks in Kansas City: Brumble’s Forest is a one-of-a-kind ADA Accessible structure, including a custom tree fort, climbers, a larger-than-life Dodo bird, wildlife sculptures and nature-themed fun!

East: Bryan C. Pottberg Park

  • Where to find Bryan C. Pottberg Park: 5200 Campground Rd., Lee's Summit, MO
  • Amenities: This 25-acre park offers a shelter, playground equipment for toddlers and older children and a walking trail.
  • Why it's one of the COOLEST parks in Kansas City: The firefighter-themed playground features a fire truck with a slide and monkey bars as the "cool factor" at this park. The park also offers swings, a mini rock wall and a gazebo.

West: Antioch Park

  • Where to find Antioch Park: 6501 Antioch Rd., Merriam, KS
  • Amenities at Antioch Park: The 44-acre park features two fishing lakes, walking path, tennis courts, picnic shelters, basketball courts, restrooms, playground equipment, a rose garden, paved parking and cookout grills.
  • Why it's one of the COOLEST parks in Kansas City: For children, the highlight of Antioch Park is the Wild West village, featuring nearly a dozen small buildings from a general store to a sheriff's office, perfect for imaginative play or hide and seek. The park also features traditional playground equipment, and the trails leading over a small lake are fun for fishing or feeding ducks.

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