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Kansas City is known for many great things: music, art, brew, baseball and barbecue, just to name a few. Get up close and personal with some of the city's best picture-ready murals and nearby hangouts. Not only will these must-sees help you create some great stories, they'll also provide great visuals for life and for your timeline.

Let’s start this list with a whole lot of love. Found in the heart of Kansas City near 19th & Main, this mural is the ideal designation to hashtag your love not only for the one you love, but also for the Royal City. Kansas City's own #KC Loves is a massive backdrop that watches over the entire Kansas City downtown area. This mural is surrounded by many thriving businesses, including Affare, a modern German restaurant with a hearty menu sure to leave you satisfied.


1911 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64108


Second on the list with its very own mural to mark its hip hangout is the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange. The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange is a real Kansas City gem that’s been around for decades and is still kicking up a lot of fun. The establishment’s motto, “Beautiful Food for the People,” is a phrase Chef Howard definitely keeps in mind. Keeping the people happy and the drinks rolling are this crew's goal—and a mission accomplished! What’s your job at Rieger’s? Make the mural and the restaurant your must-see!


The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange

1924 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64108


For your next stop, roll right over to the Flying Pig Local Mercantile. This booming biz has a more than 6-foot-long mural on the east side of the building that has quite an artsy perspective. Its galaxy glamour draws you right in, and then you’ll experience an almost gravitational pull on into the shop. But trust me—you'll love it! The staff is friendly and they’re all about Kansas City!


Flying Pig Local Mercantile

221 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City MO 64108


Up next on the countdown is Foxx Equipment Company. This business is nestled in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, and one of its many murals actually decorates its parking lot. Foxx Equipment's building has some of this city's best artwork all over its exterior. Local cartoonist and grafitti artist D. Ross Scribe (nicknamed Scribe) definitely has a story to tell and has partnered with Foxx and even the Royals to tell it. Check out both Foxx and Scribe, snap a shot and tag the artist.


Foxx Equipment Company

421 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City MO 64108


Next to follow is a new addition to the KC mural family. The Kansas City Urban Youth Academy has an Insta-ready view that is sure to give you tons of likes. This mural sits just outside the building entrance and pays homage to the Royals, Major League Baseball as a collective and the greater Kansas City community. This organization is not only propelling the community, it’s also giving breathtaking views.

The Kansas City Urban Youth Academy

1654, 1622 E. 17th Ter., Kansas City, MO 64108


Right around the corner from the Youth Academy sits another eye-catching artwork. This dedication is designed to make Negro Leagues Hall of Fame icon Buck O'Neil proud. The tribute stands tall (over 50 feet) aside the Paseo YMCA. This massive mural is so tall that standing next to it is sure to make you look like an ant. It truly portrays giants!


Buck O'Neil Education and Research Center

19th & Paseo, 1499 19th St., Kansas City, MO 64108


The Rockhill Grille sits at 20th & Grand and is surrounded by a handful of smaller Instagram-worthy murals. Where Kansas City and brew meet, you are sure to have a good time. And the fresh-cooked fragrance emanating from the restaurant will have your mouth watering while you’re still on the sidewalk!


The Rockhill Grille

2000 Grand Blvd., Kansas City MO, 64108


Last but not least, travel over the bridge to the Kansas side of things and into Strawberry Hill country. The Strawberry Hill area has tons of great finds to enjoy and loads of places to take photos for your social sites. Mr. Strawberry is by far the most photogenic! Just right across the street you’ll find the delicious Slaps BBQ. Hang with Mr. Strawberry for a little while, then grab some lunch—they’re both worth the trip. Just promise me you'll post about it!


Slaps BBQ

553 Central Ave., Kansas City KS, 66101



Every corner of this city provides food and photo ops. All you really need is imagination and a hearty appetite, so make sure you have your eyes peeled and your flash ready!


Jessica Samuel is a photographer and writer currently studying at UMKC.

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