To Buy or Not to Buy

All pregnant women ask themselves the same question. Should I spend the money on new maternity clothes or rely on the wardrobe I already have throughout my pregnancy? Here are some tips for whichever you chose.

To Buy

Purchase the Staples

Purchasing new, fashionable maternity clothes can make mamas-to-be feel much more comfortable and confident during their pregnancy. And who doesn’t love buying new clothes? Taylor Guyer, a teacher from Liberty expecting her second child, says she bought most of her maternity clothes during her first pregnancy because they planned on having more than one child. “Most items I have purchased are staples needed for work, like work pants,” she says. “Also, a good pair of comfortable shoes is a must.” Investing in the staples like good undergarments, work pants and camisoles that work for nursing after delivery go a long way in keeping you comfortable without breaking the bank. Purchasing pieces in neutral colors also allows you to wear the staple garments in many different ways.

Shop Around

When it comes to shopping, Guyer says you don’t have to pay high dollar for nice clothing. She shops around for sales and uses coupons on all of her purchases. Secondhand maternity clothing stores offer fashionable garments and affordable prices. Target and H&M also offer cute and affordable maternity clothes. Poshmark is a great app for finding maternity clothing deals. You can find pieces for as little as $10 each. And the best part is after the baby comes, you can sell your maternity clothes to other mamas-to-be on the same app!

Get the Best Fit

As your baby bump grows, try on all clothes before you purchase them. Take into consideration how the clothing fits and feels and how much longer you have left in your pregnancy. You might want to size up a bit to make sure the items will last all 40 weeks.


While you’re shopping, we suggest splurging on a few outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident. These could be great pieces to wear to baby showers, maternity photo shoots or other special occasions.


Not to Buy            

Shop Your Closet

If you would much rather splurge on baby clothes than on maternity clothes, you have several strategies to make the most of your current wardrobe while pregnant. Guyer suggests shopping through your closet and seeing what items might work throughout your pregnancy. “Leggings and maxi dresses or skirts have good stretch and also work great to be able to wear your regular clothes as long as possible,” she says. Other styles of clothing that can be versatile during your pregnancy include long flowy tops, Lycra or spandex clothing, low-rise pants, cardigans, and pants with elastic or drawstring waists. Comfort is key, so in those last few months of pregnancy, feel free to dive into your partner’s closet for some comfortable t-shirts or sweatpants.

Purchase Regular Clothing

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t purchase regular clothes. Sometimes maternity clothes can be much more expensive than non-maternity clothes. Don’t be afraid to purchase regular clothing in a size or two up from your normal size. These items will be nice transition pieces after the baby comes and before you’re back to your normal size.

Buy a Bra Extender

Rather than purchasing new bras, buy an inexpensive bra extender. You just hook it onto your current bra and you magically gain up to two additional inches in your regular bra. The best part is these will cost you only a couple of bucks, rather than the hundreds of dollars you could spend on all new bras.

Invest in a Belly Band

Another way to get the most out of your non-maternity clothing is to invest in a belly band. Belly bands like Bella Band or Belly Bandit allow you to continue wearing your regular pants throughout your pregnancy without having to give up comfort.

Regan Lyons is a freelance writer who lives in St. Joseph, MO, with her husband and 4-year-old daughter.

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