KC Baby & Maternity…the First 15 Years

To kick off our celebration, we’re taking a walk down memory lane, looking back at past issues.


The First Issue

KC Baby & Maternity debuts as KC Baby & Kids, Too! in the spring of 2003. The issue is 16 pages and contains mostly advertisements. Articles are short (most are just a half page) and cover topics like 3-D ultrasounds, immunization schedules and the benefits of breastfeeding.


Top Baby Names in 2003


  1. Emily
  2. Emma
  3. Madison
  4. Hannah
  5. Olivia
  6. Abigail
  7. Alexis
  8. Ashley
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Samantha



  1. Jacob
  2. Michael
  3. Joshua
  4. Matthew
  5. Andrew
  6. Ethan
  7. Joseph
  8. Daniel
  9. Christopher
  10. Anthony


Top Baby Names 2016


  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Sophia
  5. Mia
  6. Isabella
  7. Charlotte
  8. Amelia
  9. Harper
  10. Emily



  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Mason
  4. Ethan
  5. Lucas
  6. Oliver
  7. Aiden
  8. Elijah
  9. Benjamin
  10. James



KC Baby debuts a new look! An updated nameplate aims to tie together our two products at the time, KC Parent and KC Baby (we’ve since added a third title, KC Going Places). Articles include consignment shopping, teaching Baby a second language and managing motherhood and pregnancy.


Each issue of KC Baby used to contain a coloring contest. In the fall of 2008, the focus was on Wubzy (remember him?!?). Kids mailed in entries for a chance to win DVDs. Today, all contests are held online at KCParent.com.


Average cost of a disposable diaper in 2006: $0.26

Average cost of a disposable diaper in 2016: $0.43

Pampers Cruisers used for comparison.


We Keep Growing and Growing…

By 2011, KC Baby is 32 pages long. Regular features include “Our Baby Story,” product recalls and an extensive calendar of events (which now, like our giveaways, is primarily online at KCParent.com).





And, if you’ll indulge me in a little walk down memory lane, here’s my editor letter photo from spring 2009. Look at how little my girls were—seems like SO long ago!




And Growing!

In 2014, we changed our name to KC Baby & Maternity, and the magazine is now 36 pages. The magazine always has had articles for the expectant mom, and we thought it was time to update our name on the outside to reflect what’s on the inside. New departments include “Belly Laughs” and “Baby Bytes.” Articles featured in the summer 2014 issue cover SIDS prevention, tips for traveling while pregnant and when best to start solids.






Changes throughout the years

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