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Birth Announcement Pillows
Every baby needs something commemorative with his birth info printed on it, right? These bright pillows add a splash of color to the nursery and will be fun to use for alphabet and name recognition as your little one grows up. With 50+ colors and styles to choose from, you can certainly find one to fit your baby’s style.

Pebble Pouf
You get to decide how to use this fun home accent—is it an accessory for Baby’s room, an extra chair or a spot for Baby to practice standing? The cover is stain- and liquid-resistant and made from washable, breathable, organic eucalyptus and cotton. It comes in six stunning colors to match any décor! 


If you’ve ever tried to get a soaking wet swimsuit rash guard off a wiggly, sand-covered baby, you are sure to appreciate this brand that offers remarkably cute SPF 50+ swimwear that zips on and off with ease. SwimZip is run by a mom from Kansas, so you’ll even be supporting a local business when you snag some cute swimsuits for your baby this summer.

Fantastic First-Time Father by Tim Mungeam
Don’t let Dad feel overwhelmed or underprepared for fatherhood—help him prep for your upcoming new arrival. This book covers 50 things a first-time dad needs to know. It will be released in July! 

Before swaddling your baby when he or she goes to sleep at night, make sure you’ve read the latest research on swaddling and hip dysplasia. Australian-based, award-winning ergoPouch offers a range of baby swaddles, sleep sacks and sleep suits that have received a “hip-healthy” designation from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
from $27, 

Eat This, Not That When You’re Expecting by Dr. Jennifer Ashton and David Zinczenko
Are pregnancy cravings driving you crazy? It was hard for me to eat healthy while I was expecting because nothing tasted very good! This book helps you find the healthiest options for your favorite snacks, suggests what to order when you’re eating out and what nutrients you and your baby need.

Entourage Stroller
Family vacations sound wonderful in theory, but something you have to keep in mind when traveling with Baby is…where do you put all the stuff?! Like it or not, babies need gear on the go. This stroller boasts an optional second reclining seat, preschooler seat or (my favorite) a market tote—perfect for hauling anything you could possibly need.

Julie McKinley is a stay-at-home mom of a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. Keeping up with her kids is a full-time job, so she is always on the lookout for innovative products that make life a little easier! In between snuggles and diaper changes, she blogs at

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