Guide to Fighting Through Morning Sickness

A Guide to Fighting Through Morning Sickness

Sometimes getting to the baby finish line is tougher than it needs to be because of a pesky little side effect called morning sickness that, according to the American Pregnancy Association, affects nearly 50 percent of pregnant women. You can thank a rush of hormones, a growing placenta and the fact that you’re growing a human person as the main culprits. More important than the reasons, though, are some tips to fight through it.

Eat, eat, eat

As a pregnant woman, the days of downing one meal and getting too busy to eat later are gone. Your tummy needs constant attention. Keep little snacks handy at all times, preferably ones that are high in protein. Keep a bag of almonds in your car, a protein bar in your purse and a sleeve of crackers at your desk at work. Also, plan on eating something the minute you wake up. Sometimes prenatal vitamins can cause queasiness, so having a solid breakfast will prevent it from getting out of control. You will find combatting morning sickness takes a little bit of forethought, which is great practice for when your little one arrives!


Okay, it’s obvious, but it’s easy to forget. You need water. Just plain old healthy water. Stay away from sugary drinks like soda (though ginger ale may help quell nausea), and get your glasses of water in. Toss in a little lemon to add flavor. If you really love bubbles, consider trying a flavored seltzer water like La Croix. The various flavors can help keep things interesting and encourage you to drink more. A hydrated body is much less likely to experience nausea.


Pregnancy is not a time to push yourself. Though by name the feeling of being sick occurs in the morning, every woman experiences morning sickness differently and at varying times. Take a little nap if you can to combat that danger zone. If you work and napping isn’t an option, consider taking a sick day and staying home on days when your nausea is particularly bad. Some days will be worse than others, and just as when you have the flu, trying to push through will make it worse. Get some z’s and come back to work when you’re feeling better.

Figure out the triggers

Many women find that particular smells or tastes cause their morning sickness to kick into overdrive. If you find suddenly the smell of hamburger irritates you, do what you can to stay away from it. Even if it’s your husband’s favorite meal, trust that he would much rather eat chicken tonight than have you feel ill all evening. Also realize that not every pregnancy is created equal. What bothered you with your first baby might be completely fine for you with your second. Keep a journal of what you’ve eaten throughout the day so you can go back and find what foods or drinks are causing nausea to flare up.


Keep moving

Even though you might be exhausted from eating a meal, don’t lie down immediately afterward. All of that food is just going to want to come back up. Take a small walk to get your mind off of impending doom and distract yourself as much as possible. Morning sickness is temporary, and many times you can fight through it if you can keep your mind occupied.

Wait it out

The good news is morning sickness is temporary, and many women stop exhibiting symptoms after the 12- to 14-week mark. With that said, the weeks where you are experiencing morning sickness are no joke. Feeling like you’re going to be sick (or actually getting sick) isn’t a pleasant experience, and some women can start to lose a significant amount of weight because of it. If you can’t get your tummy under control, talk to your doctor. Medication can be prescribed to help keep the vomiting at bay. Just know the baby your body is working on takes a toll on you, and like many other symptoms with pregnancy, this too shall pass.

As always, please consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns.

Signs you’re a morning sickness preventer pro

Stay fresh – Your handbag has mints, a mini toothbrush and gum at the ready.

Not very pretty, but effective – You’ve ditched your ego and have anti-nausea wrist bands on at all times during the day. Why don’t they make them in fashionable colors?

We’re in this together – You’ve given all your work colleagues a list of foods that are not allowed to be re-heated during the work day without major consequences. Fish? Don’t even think about it, Carl.

Kim Antisdel is a freelance writer and interior design sales rep for KC and surrounding areas. She lives in Liberty with her husband, stepdaughters and infant son.

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