Sneak in Summer Learning with Apps

Summertime is upon us. Although the warm weather means trips to the pool or family vacations, it also might usher in a time that some parents fear. With most schools being closed for the traditional summer break, students are out of their normal routines. They might sleep longer, watch more television or even get less exercise. While you consider options and activities for your children instead of hours of video games, take a look at these ways your children can practice previous skills, read interesting texts, solve problems, create and have fun!



Numerous sites rank Kodable as the top app to teach kids about computer programming. One of the advantages is that it teaches users to use JavaScript, not just blocks.


Hopscotch is an extremely user-friendly app that allows all ability levels to learn, play and create their own games.


Epic! is the largest database for children’s books, offering both fiction and nonfiction titles, as well as audiobooks, quizzes and videos.


ABCmouse is designed for early learners (2-8) to accelerate their development in reading and math skills. Science, art and music are also infused throughout the app.

Kids A-Z

The entire suite houses content, from Reading A-Z to Science A-Z and more. This app has a great number of resources, as well as the ability to check for understanding through quizzes.

Tinybop Collection

Tinybop Inc. has created a large number of apps geared toward children’s developing a deeper sense of curiosity and understanding around science.



BrainPOP is a curious child’s dream app, boasting vast amounts of material on various topics across all content areas. Aside from the videos, you’ll find quizzes, activities and more.


If your child (or you) is a fan of BrainPOP, Make-a-Movie allows you to create your own BrainPOP movie—Tim and Moby style!


iMovie is the ultimate creation tool. Use pictures, videos, music and text to bring a story to life.


Clips is an app that allows you to create a quick video with just a few simple clicks. Effects, text and filters are just a sample of the features you can use to make fun videos to share with others.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy is a highly engaging app aligned to national math standards. This adaptive math game ranges from first to eighth grades.

Comic Touch 2

Have you ever wanted to be in a comic? With this app, you can take your photos and turn them into pages out of a comic book by adding text boxes, filters and comic-styled layouts.

Splash Math

Designed to meet the individual needs of each child, Splash Math uses self-paced lessons and adaptive practices to help your children grow their math skills.

Bedtime Math

The goal of Bedtime Math is to foster a love of math in every learner, just like a bedtime story endears reading. Learners of all ages, including adults, can use Bedtime Math.


Brandon Lewis is an innovation and learning coach for Liberty Public Schools. He and his wife, Jeni, live in Kansas City with their two children, Zoey and Ezra. 


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