Summer Fun in Lawrence!

One of my favorite things about summer is the pleasure of fresh fruit and vegetables and it's even better when we enjoy these delicious and healthy treats after creating some fun family memories to collect them! This week, my girls and I embarked on a fun Summer Day Trip to Lawrence Kansas for some strawberry picking, fresh farmers' market produce, and summer fun!

Day Trip Diary:

Wohletz Farm Fresh: U-Pick Strawberries

Wohletz Farm Fresh: Lawrence Kansas    Details: 1831 N 1100 Rd., Lawrence, KS 785331.4368. Wohletz Farm Fresh
    Why I recommend it: At the Wohletz Farm, you may pick your own strawberries in May & June (note, the season usually ends mid-June). I took my three daughters on a trip to Wohletz early one morning and in thirty minutes we had picked 10 lbs of beautiful strawberries! The girls loved lifting the leaves of the plants to discover clusters of beautiful red berries and, for preschoolers, the fruit is right at their eye level. We took the delicious berries home and enjoyed homemade Strawberry Lemonade and a dessert of Strawberry Shortcake. If you are planning a berry picking trip with your family, be sure to call ahead for times (it varies with the weather and availability of berries), and bring a cooler for your fruit if you plan to enjoy other Lawrence attractions on your trip. Wear tennis shoes, bring baby wipes to wash up red-stained hands, and capture memories with the camera! If you pick more berries than your family can enjoy in a week, strawberries can be frozen for future use in smoothies and other treats! If you're looking for more u-pick opportunities in Missouri and Kansas, read our feature on Berry Picking in the Kansas City area.

Brunch or Lunch Break in Lawrence:

Lawrence boasts many eclectic restaurants, check out this great Lawrence Dining Guide to find the favorites for your family. On our visit to Lawrence, we opted to head over to "Mass Street" after berry picking where we enjoyed brunch at Einstein Bros. Bagels, but this was just one of many restaurants to choose from in the district... and one perk to dining in a college town is the affordability of the local lunch spots.

Massachusetts Street:

The Toy StoreDetails: Massachusetts (Mass Street) in Downtown Lawrence is a bustling shopping district with unique restaurants and stores.
What you'll Find: Historic Massachusetts Street features unique shops, galleries, boutiques, and restaurants ranging from pizzerias to ethnic cuisine. Family highlights include The Toy Store, specializing in educational toys (936 Massachusetts Street), The Raven Bookstore, specializing in mysteries (8 E 7th St), Syla's and Maddy's Homemade Ice Cream (1014 Massachusetts).




Next Stop: Prairie Park Nature Center:

Prairie Park Nature Center    Details: 2730 Harper St. Lawrence, KS 785.832.7980.
    Why we Love it: This is our family's favorite Kansas Nature Center (though our list of faves in Missouri is long, this one has the best collection of animals and exhibits in Kansas). You'll find fantastic animal exhibits including reptiles (iguanas, alligators, snakes and more!), amphibians (several species of frogs and toads), birds (including native birds of prey) and mammals. The hands-on center for preschoolers features nature puppets, puzzles, and hands-on activities. The park includes grassland, forest, and lake with trails for walking and exploring.


Before heading home, stop at Pendleton's Country Market and U-Pick Farm:

    Details: 1446 E. 1850 Rd. Lawrence, KS 785.843.1409
    Why I recommend it: Pendleton's Country Market sells fresh produce and plants, and it's another great U-Pick stop (in season). On our visit, they were selling u-pick peas and promised u-pick tomatoes later in the week. Watch the Pendleton's website to see what is in season.

Missed on this visit, but another family favorite, the KU Natural History Museum:

    Details: Dyche Hall 1345 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 785.864.4450  
    Why I recommend it: The four-floor museum is filled with fascinating exhibits and artifacts. Children love the enormous panorama of animals and plants. One of the highlights of the museum is Bug Town, an interactive area where kids explore what it is like to be an insect. The kids love the fish aquariums, snake cages, and animals, but one of the most famous features of the museum is the extensive collection of fossils, including the Mosasaur, the largest known lizard to have lived.


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