31 Days of Fun

Don’t let the short days get you down! Below are fun ideas for every day in January.


  1. Happy New Year! Play a new card or board game with the family.
  2. Feed the birds! Spread nut butter on a pinecone and roll in bird seed. Attach yarn and hang from a tree.
  3. Tell a joke. Challenge the family to each tell their best joke and then vote on the funniest.
  4. Start a journal. Have each family member write down three things they are grateful for.
  5. Go for a walk! It’s tempting to stay inside where it’s warm, but bundle up and take a stroll around the block.
  6. Go swimming! Many rec and community centers have an indoor pool. Spend the day splashing and you’ll forget about the cold.
  7. Take down decorations. Enlist the family’s help to take down all of the holiday decorations. Be sure to organize as you put away.
  8. Enjoy a dance party! Take turns choosing songs and get up and dance along to the beat.
  9. Visit a local library. Most have daily programs or special events. While there, find a new title to enjoy.
  10. Make a hot cocoa bar. Make hot chocolate and let everyone add in extras. Ideas include: marshmallows, whipped cream, candies and more.
  11. Have a pizza night! Make your own at home or pick one up! Try one from a new restaurant and discover a new fave.
  12. Write a note. Choose a few people like neighbors, teachers or friends and write them a note “just because”. It will brighten someone’s day.
  13. Stay in your PJs. Clear the calendar and spend the day in jammies. Pop in a movie and spend a relaxing day with the family.
  14. Get creative. Buy a canvas for everyone, get out some paints and let those creative juices flow.
  15. Set up a yogurt bar. For a fun after school snack idea, give kids a bowl of yogurt and set out toppings like granola, coconut, fruit and more.
  16. Learn a magic trick. Have everyone learn one magic trick and then put on a show for each other.
  17. Have an indoor picnic. Spread out a blanket and pack yummy foods. Bonus: no insects!
  18. Explore someplace new. Find somewhere you haven’t been and check it out.  Need inspiration? Visit KCGoingPlaces.com.
  19. Pop popcorn. It’s National Popcorn Day. Pop up a batch of and get creative by adding toppings.
  20. Volunteer at a food bank. There is always a need. Check out Harvesters.org for opportunities to help all year long.
  21. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Make a list and head out to look for things like an icicle, smoke from a chimney, a bird, etc.
  22. Have a snowball fight. No snow, no problem. Give everyone a box of tissues, wad them up and launch away! When finished, collect tissues to use as packing material.
  23. Make a list. Summer will be here before we know it. Start your family’s summer bucket list and dream of warmer days.
  24. Play a word game. Find a crossword puzzle or seek and find (or print one up) and solve as a family.
  25. De-clutter. Choose one junk drawer and dump it out. Ask kids to take what is theirs, keep what you need and pitch the rest.
  26. Do a puzzle. Dust off a puzzle that you’ve been meaning to start and get everyone together for a puzzle night.
  27. Give a compliment. Challenge each family member to give three compliments throughout the day. Discuss results at dinner.
  28. Play family trivia. Have everyone write down five family trivia questions and then gather together for a trivia contest.
  29. Count change. Empty out the piggy bank or change drawer and add up how much you’ve saved. Take some of the change and get an ice cream treat.
  30. Snack for dinner. My kids love a small bites meal. Make everyone’s favorite appetizers and create a fun dinner buffet.
  31. Grow a plant. Buy a pot, soil and some seeds and plant an indoor plant. Take turns watering and watch it grow!

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