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Winners So Far:

  1. Melody Franklin D'Souza (Louisburg Cider Mill Pumpkin Patch)
  2. Laura Henson (Louisburg Cider Mill Pumpkin Patch)
  3. Lauren Fellhauer (Carolyn's Country Cousins)
  4. Miranda Miles (Carolyn's Country Cousins)
  5. Amy McAllister (Deanna Rose Pumpkin Hollow)
  6. Renee Neff (Deanna Rose Pumpkin Hollow)

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KC Parent is your #1 Source for Free Stuff and Giveaways in Kansas City! 


Most Recent Winners:

KC Parent gave away four family 4-Packs to the KC Renaissance Festival. These are the winners:

  1. Laurie Hardy​
  2. Amy Groves Hoffman​
  3. Keelie Spoor Shrader​
  4. Megan Rives​
  5. Gina Howard
  6. Sheree Miller
  7. Lauren Rasquinha
  8. Heidi Heckman
  9. Marlena Dickinson
  10. Beth Brasel


KC Parent gave away a total of 18 tickets to the upcoming Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2016 at Sprint Center on October 7, 2016! 

Congrats to the winners!

  1.  Ashley Koepkey
  2. Allison Schram  
  3. Rachel Thi    
  4. Cassandra Scalf- Hutchison     
  5. Jackie Heimer 
  6. Elizabeth  Whipple 
  7. Cait Schlagle   
  8. Laura Williams
  9. Kristina Goppert




Each of these winners received a family 4-Pack of Tickets to Opening Night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Circus XTREME on September 15. 

  1. Heather Blum
  2. Pam Wooldridge  
  3. Cierra Begulia 
  4. Edward Metcalf    
  5. Tara Teegarden Eslinger 
  6. Kelly Shue
  7. Katie Patry  
  8. Terri Young
  9. Kimberly Turner
  10. Imagene Loucks
  11. Lenita Benson
  12. Tyiesha Carter
  13. Jill Taussig
  14. Michelle Burcham  
  15. Michael Westerfield    
  16. Chris Rues    
  17. Tallie Moore    
  18. Jessica Buzzell
  19. Jessica De La Torre    
  20. Brandy Luedtke    
  21. Caroline Knecht    
  22. Kendra Noll    
  23. Nina Gomez    

KC Parent gave away a total of 3 Family 4-Packs to the attractions atUnion Station! Three winners received the following $165 package: 4 Tickets to Science City at Union Station, 4 Tickets to Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life, 4 Tickets to the Gottlieb Planetarium. The winners are 

  1. Shannon Cowart Cuff
  2. Christian Henshaw
  3. Trinity Ferry




KC Parent gave away a $1750 Super Funhouse from Rainbow Play Systems. Juliet Hinrichs is the winner.




KC Parent gave away 3 family 4-packs to opening night of Beauty and the Beast at Starlight, these are the Winners:

  1. Schona Eagleburger        
  2. Elizabeth White 
  3. Claire Akins 


KC Parent gave away 20 family 4-packs of one-day tickets to the Schlitterbahn, these are the Winners:

  1. Ashley Elizabeth Daniels.
  2. Stacy Velleca.
  3. ​Kimberly McNary.
  4. ​Vanessa Chavez.
  5. Gerry and Tracy Cahill
  6. Kristina Ussery.
  7. Emily Monahan Peak. 
  8. Jeannie Simmons.
  9. Patrice Berardelli.
  10. Bobby Leedom.
  11. ​Geraldlee Lee.
  12. Lisa Jackson Ross. 
  13. Virginia Ann Pennington.
  14. Alexia Tomlinson.
  15. Rose E. Brushwood.
  16. Christian Henshaw.
  17. Catherine Molloy. 
  18. Mary Para Russell.
  19. Megan Hardesty Dimmock.
  20. Beth Rees.
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