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The Painted Table

The Painted Table, by Suzanne Field
Ambassador International

How many times, Mom, either to your amusement or alarm (!), have you found yourself doing something exactly like your mom did? This reminds us of how easily children acquire their parents’ habits and attitudes – both the positive and the negative. We all carry around a memory bank that runs the gamut from the sublime to the things we wish we could forget. What we choose to do with those memories shapes our lives – as well as our children’s lives.

The Painted Table, by Kansas City author Suzanne Field, is a novel based on fact, that follows the growth of a young girl as she strives to rise above the influences of her troubled family. Spiritual moorings help her to honor her mother – by NOT becoming her. She recognizes the positive gifts her family has given her, and determines to pass them on to her own children.

A Discussion Guide for Book Clubs is included.

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